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Across then Down

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Across then Down

Recreates the Tableau calculation Across then Down as found in this thread:


Imagine you have some data like this:


Col A       Col B      Value

A a 5
B a 1
B b 10
C b 1
C a 1
C c 15
D d 20
E e 25
F f 30
G g 35
H h 40
I i 45
J j 50
K k 55
L l 60
A b 7


A measure can be created like this to create the Across then Down calculation.



Across Then Down = 
VAR MyCode = UNICODE(MAX(Table1[Col B]))*1000 + UNICODE(MAX(Table1[Col A]))
VAR MyTable = ADDCOLUMNS(ALL(Table1),"MyColA",[Col A],"MyColB",[Col B],"MyValue",[Value],"Rank",UNICODE([Col B]) * 1000 + UNICODE([Col A]))
VAR Previous = MAXX(FILTER(MyTable,[Rank]<MyCode),[Rank])
VAR Result = MAX(Table1[Value]) - MAXX(FILTER(MyTable,[Rank]=Previous),[MyValue])

When this measure is placed into a matrix with [Col B] as the rows and the [Col A] as the columns you get the result depicted. This particular measure does subtraction but this could be easily modified to do addition, multiplication, division, etc.












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