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MilkTea Member

Azure DevOps + Power BI


This is not an ordinary question I’d like to ask here. I have doubted to post it at all, but I really would like to get in contact so why not.

There is not a real sub forum for this so I decided this one would probably be the best of my options. Since a lot of people here are looking for solutions and/or helping others.

So my question is in short: Are there more people currently working with Azure Devops + PowerBI?

I am a fresh out of school business analyst and recently I started working with DevOps + BI and I came a long way since then. Already created a report to keep track of the history of workitems within a selected project. And thanks to FlowViz from Nicolas Brown it gave me more ideas to work on.

Unfortunately I now ran out of ideas on what to create and where to learn from. So I kind of wanted to meet people with the same kind of project / learning track to maybe help each other get more knowledge and insights within the data from Azure Devops.

So again, is there anyone here working with Azure DevOps and Power BI and willing to share the graphs we made? (Remember to not show sensitive data).

As a start I included a couple visualizations of my history of workitems report! Smiley Happy


I started with creating a simple bar with cards showing the state of the total work items in each state.

wk items history.png

later added a date filter to select the status of the chosen date.

wk items history 2.png

Later also decided i wanted to filter on what kind of workitem and made a slicer with images to make it look cool Smiley Happy

wk items history 3.png

Also showed the count in a bar graph. Just to see how it looks.

wk items history 4.png

Later decided i wanted to see the flow. For example here you see the grow of all work items in the last 10 weeks. There is also a between filter to create these lines.

wk items history 5.png


Now its your turn! What things did you make you could share with the rest of DevOps + BI people. Also, feel free to give critics on my work so i can improve. Also if you are not working with DevOps urself but have some nice ideas i might be able to make them and show the result!