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what does the dataset refresh do to the tables with direct query?

Hi all, i need some clarifications on how the dataset refresh done to those tables with direct query.


I have two tables, one is using "import" connectivity and another one is using "directquery" connectivity. My understanding is, we are always going to get the latest data for that table with "directquery" and will only getting the latest data for that table with "import" only if we refresh the dataset in the workspace.


My question is, will the action of refreshing the dataset in the workspace affect the live connectivity of those table with "directquery"? we still going to get the latest data right for that "directquery" table even without refreshing the dataset right? and the act of refreshing the dataset will only affect those table with "import" connectivity. Do enlighten me on this. 

My problem statement is, i need two different kind of refresh rate for different table. "A" table in the database will be live connection (direct query) and "B" table in the excel or other database will be in "import" connection which will be refreshed every once a year. In summary, "A" table is in live connection, "B" table is in scheduled refresh. 

My second problem statement is, i need two different kind of refresh time for different table. "A" table will be refreshed daily, "B" table will be refreshed yearly. I'm thinking of using two different dataset for a report but that one is not doable. 

Do enlighten me on the two different problem statement, is it doable and how to do that? Thank you!




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Super User

Hi! @ameng 


The DQ works whenever a user opens the report the vertipaq engine run the queries (Dax, filters) in the model and sends it to Db to fetch the latest records. Hence, you don't need to schedule a refresh for DQ.


You can schedule a refresh once a year for Import mode, but your DQ will always refresh as and when the user opens up the report.
Example: If your data refreshes in DB 3 times a day (10 AM, 3 PM and 8 PM) and any user opens up the report after these times they will see the latest data in the report. But, between those hours still, the queries are sent to DB but the data remains unchanged.


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Ankit Kukreja

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