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oAuth2 Credentials for a DataSet connecting to SharePoint Online Automatically Changes to Anonynous

I have created a Power BI Dashboard using Power BI Designer tool.


This dashboard users queries which pull data from a SharePoint Online environment.


Once the *.pbix file is created using Power BI designer, I uploaded the file to the Power BI site. I had then enabled the Scheduled Refresh option for this DataSet on the Power BI site.


I had specified an oAuth2 connection (as I do not see an Organizational Account option) and stored the credentials and specfied the Schedule for the refresh and saved the settings. The refresh works once after saving, but then subsequently the second time the refresh does not happen and it prompts a message saying credentials are invalid.


When I check the Schedule settings, the credential type has automatically been reset to Anonymous and the oAuth2 settings which I had defined when setting up the schedule does not exist. This means that the concept of scheduling the refresh of these datasets are immaterial, since I have to manually check the schedule evey time and update credentials to refresh the data. This is really painful. Is this a known issue and any solution for this?

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I will bump this too - it's still occurring in 2020

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Unfortunately I'm in the same position right now.

Data source credentials added - oAuth2 - for MS Dynamics CRM Online - and can only refresh manually, as it seems to "forget" credentials immediately (switch back to Anonymous when I check) and scheduled refresh does not work in this way.

Any workaround, solution, ...? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I will Bump this thread - I found myself with the same issue, any news?


Any news on a fix for this issue? An eta maybe?

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Has this issue been fixed? please let me know if there is any soltuion to fix this issue.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I'll open a ticket for the team to investigate this scenario. I'll get back to you if more information is needed.



Youssef Shoukry
Product Manager, Power BI
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Hi Youssef,


I suspect I am experiencing this issue again - is this supposed to be fixed (as this post is more than a year old).








Same problem for me, any update?

I just ran into this issue myself. Any news on when this will get fixed?

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Same issue on my end.

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Hi Smoupre,


I see that you are active and post regurarly on the forum. Kudos!


I have an issue similar to this on one of my datasets. I have created a function that dynamically look up the content of Excel files. Then I use a Sharepoint.Files() connection to a given site, to identify all eligible files (based on filenamepattern). Then I pass the FilePath and FileName as parameters to the function to get the contains of each file. This results in a combined dataset from a dynamic number of files stored on the site. So far so good! It works perfectly in PBI Desktop. But when I publish, I experience the credentials are prompted as 'error' - hence I am not able to schedule refresh in the portal. Neither am I able to manually refresh from the portal.

However, without any changes to the pbix file, I can refresh in Desktop and publish again. Then the changes are reflected on the portal.


Given the above information - is it possible that this is a temporal issue in Power BI? I was performing tests before (from OneDrive for Business, but otherwise equal scenario) - and this was working as expected.


Appreciate if you could take the time to have a look and direct me based on your experience.





Me too.  My model is from an Excel 2013 workbook with the latest Power Query update (2.24.4064.242).

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