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Webtrends beta: Navigator View

Hi All,


I understand the Webtrends connection is in beta but I thought you might be able to help me with a puzzling question. I am using Power BI professional and I have no problem connecting to the analytics database of webtrends the problem is I do not appear to be able to see all the data objects that I can see in the Webtrends browser interface. I tried getting the webtrends custodian to temporarily upgrade my privileges to the highest level in case it was something to do with permissions but that had no effect and in any case I am using the same account and profile to access in power BI as I use to log into the webtrends database via my browser. A webtrends analyst did comment that the BI Navigator View looked like a standard view you might see for a webtrends database "Out of the Box" and most of the reports and datasets I cannot see are those created through local customisation but I would have thought any connector should be able to detect and access such objects. The webtrend database tables I can see I am able to access and import into power BI and visualise on dashboards, I just dont see everything I think I should. Anyway below is a Power BI of my work webtrends database and the view of the same database via the web browser interface so you can see what I mean


Power BI sees:


Power BI Navigator Webtrends View.pngPower Bi Navigator View Webtrends

This is what I see in the browser view in particular I want to be able to extract the output of the ODS codes used report into Power BI but I cannot see it in Navigator. I should add I am quite new to Webtrends so if I am missing something idiotic apologies Smiley Happy


Webtrends Browser View of Reports and Tables.pngCan only see a small subset of these objects in Navigator

Any help\Comments greatly appreciated




Moderator v-yuezhe-msft

Re: Webtrends beta: Navigator View


The built-in Webtrends connector in Power BI includes these standard reports described in the article. If you want to connect to other reports using the Webtrends connector, you can submit an feature request in Power BI ideas forum.


Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
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hobe1 Regular Visitor
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Re: Webtrends beta: Navigator View

Thanks Lydia,


I will log the issue in the "Ideas" section as you suggest. I appreciate this Webtrends connector is only in beta but I have to ask "Why would microsoft design the connector in such a way that you can only access the standard reports and not the user defined reports?" Is it because it is considerably harder to do? It seems a no brainer that people using webtrends will at some stage customise their reports and having the connector being able to access those reports would make it so much more powerful,



SAnky23 Frequent Visitor
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Re: Webtrends beta: Navigator View

Hi ,


Did you find any solution to this. Did you get ant reply from the POwer BI team.


I am also facing the same issue. 

hobe1 Regular Visitor
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Re: Webtrends beta: Navigator View

Hi SAnkey,


Sorry to report no contact from Lydia or an Dev since I posted the idea back in May 2018. Feel free to vote for it in the ideas forum though. Personally I consider it to be more of a bug that needs addresing than a development idea but what do I know Smiley Happy