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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

To extract values from Record to list

Hi All,

I have a report with records as shown below.


Please suggest on how to extract this and convert into a list


My requirement is to create list for each customer.

Please help.

Thanks in Advance,


Community Champion
Community Champion


do you want a table like this?

I used the json text you posted to elaborate.

If you want something different, post (aprt of) the original json text





or like this?





Hi @Rocco_sprmnt21 

My requirement is to show awards,4 & business,3 and so on in one row.


I could do it in a column Merged but requirement is to show merged column in a single row



record to list.pngpuoi allegare i dati da cui parti?

La figura c ui fai riferimento è diversa dal testo json che hai incollato.

Prova a popolare a mano su un foglio excel la tabella di aprtenza e la tabella di arrivo.




Community Champion
Community Champion


do you need, by any chance, the Table.ExpandRecordColumn function?


expanded records column.JPG


Community Champion
Community Champion

To extract values contained in a record into a list, use below formula

= Record.ToList([Field Name])

 Replace Field Name appropriately. Hence, for given example, it would be

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Not sure what you want. Your second screenshot doesn't show a list; rather it shows an expanded record. And I don't see any customer name or ID that you could use to tie that record to a customer.


Please clarify what you want.


Hi @ronrsnfld ,

My table look like


I need help to turn each sections into ordered list for each ssor_id. 

The seconf screenshot i mentioned earlier is what i am getting when I click on 1st section column.

The section column was initially like below


"secondary_section": {
"awards": 4,
"business": 3,
"chargers": 1,
"climate & environment": 2,
"company town": 1,
"dodgers": 1,
"entertainment & arts": 3,
"food": 1,
"latino life": 4,
"politics": 3,
"rams": 1,
"science": 1,
"sports": 1,
"television": 1,
"world & nation": 9
"section": {
"business": 5,
"california": 19,
"entertainment-arts": 1,
"entertainment-arts:movies": 6,
"entertainment-arts:music": 2,
"lifestyle": 2,
"opinion": 3,
"politics": 5,
"science": 3,
"sports": 2,
"sports:angels": 1,
"sports:dodgers": 6,
"sports:soccer": 1,
"world-nation": 16
"top_section": {
"business": 5,
"california": 19,
"entertainment-arts": 9,
"lifestyle": 2,
"opinion": 3,
"politics": 5,
"science": 3,
"sports": 10,
"world-nation": 16

Now I want the 3 columns "secondary_section","section","top_section" to be shown in list rather than showing like Record.

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