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Set Google analytics api filters in advanced editor


Is there any possibility to set Google analytics built-in api filters when querying data?

This is my example query steps in advanced  editor,

    Source = GoogleAnalytics.Accounts(),
    #"1234567" = Source{[Id="1234567"]}[Data],
    #"UA-987654-1" = #"1234567"{[Id="UA-52004541-1"]}[Data],
    #"11111" = #"UA-987654-1"{[Id="1234567"]}[Data],
    #"Added Items" = Cube.Transform(#"11111", {{Cube.AddAndExpandDimensionColumn, "ga:pagePath", {"ga:pagePath"}, {"Page"}}, {Cube.AddMeasureColumn, "Pageviews", "ga:pageviews"}, {Cube.AddMeasureColumn, "Unique Pageviews", "ga:uniquePageviews"}}),

I want to add filters like below (regex filter which is avaiable on GA api, but not in powerbi M language formulas)

ga: pagePath=~^.*?([0-9]{6,7}|mpg[0-9]{1,3}){1}\.html[/]?[^ ]*)

Such filters are available through GA api, I just don't know how to pass them to GA through advanced editor!


PS: I can't use the alternative "Table.SelectRows" functionality, my filters are advanced GA api filters 


Re: Set Google analytics api filters in advanced editor

Feedback provided by Microsoft here:



Thanks for your interest!

We don't support regular expression filters today. With Text filters you can generally implement the same filter logic, but admittedly it wouldn't be as concise as your regex.

We welcome requests for new features at, so consider starting a thread there 🙂




Re: Set Google analytics api filters in advanced editor

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