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Retrieve recurring appointments from exchange



Our goal: Vizualize our team planning using Power BI and Office 365 groups (calendar)


We as a company use Office 365. We would like to retrieve (recurring) meetings from group agenda's using the exchange connector from Power BI designer.


So far we suceeeded in retrieving non-recurring meetings. But, meetings which are configured as recurring are only retrieved for its first instance.


Is there any way to get the full list ?


Thank you!

OmarSaka Helper I
Helper I

Re: Retrieve recurring appointments from exchange

Hi @ismith!


I was wondering how you set up the calendars for all the individuals within your group?


I use the Exchange connector in PBI desktop and its only a login for individual users? Have you created a group and connected the group members calendar to this single user (e.g.


I am struggling trying to connect multiple calendars and show them as a dashboard 😕



giovi2008 Helper I
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Re: Retrieve recurring appointments from exchange

I'm facing the same issue. I do know when you walk through the records you will find a list of attributes which show the activity to be recurring but you do not want to loop through the records to recur them yourselves.

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Re: Retrieve recurring appointments from exchange

I also have the same problem. Trying to use calendar as a scheduler with recurring appointments. Exchange only returns the first occurance of the appontment. If two uniquely created appointments are created with the same name both records are returned. It looks like any recurring appointments created using the recurring appointment wizard in Exchange will only return the first appointment of the series. Even though the recurring appointments show up on the calendar. Has anyone found a solution/ work around to this issue? Thanks.

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