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Refresh R Scripts with Personal Gateway



I'm using the R script to handle a pdf dataset in the Power BI Desktop query editor. But I can't make an schedule refresh from the R data source using the personal gateway in the Power BI Service. The error "Credentials are invalid" is displayed. I am using the "Windows" authentication method, and I installed R on the same computer that Personal Gateway was installed.


can anybody help me?


Hello everyone,


I'm very happy to report that I received an answer from the Microsoft.


Seems to be a known issue with the Personal Gateway. In the meantime, we have a workaround available as below:


1. Open the On-premises Data Gateway (personal mode) desktop app on the machine where the gateway is installed.

2. Go to the connectors tab and switch off the Custom data connectors feature.

3. Click Apply -> Apply & Restart.

4. On the dataset page, click edit credentials and sign in.

Very good.

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Is there any way that we can Refresh R scripts with Enterprise Gateway?


Did not work for me.  

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the problem still exists. here is the steps to reproduce the issue. 


Interestingly, I can set up personal gateway to refresh python script without an issue. so this is probabaly an issue particularly with R.


in settings > datasets > edit credentials > authentication method : windowswithout impersonation (which is the only option) > privacy level: public > sign in > then throws error:

Failed to update data source credentials: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Analytics.Modules.R.ErrorHandling.RException.Primitives.NotValidRDataException' was thrown.

Activity ID:27de3ae3-c2eb-4264-84d8-9600f0a5a4c0
Request ID:d817f2d5-4124-4300-a997-3476d637cc42
Status code:400
Time:Thu Aug 01 2019 22:23:27 GMT+0800 (Hong Kong Standard Time)
Cluster URI:


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I know this post may be old, but i experienced the same thing when switching from loading from my laptop to a server once we were sure out business wanted to continue using powerbi as our dashboard/reporting tool.


My experience was it kept saying when running on personal gateway on the server that the token key was wrong. 


My version that worked:

Personal gateway edition 3000.0.277 works perfectly originally i had installed 3000.0.144.3 and this didn't work. 


Hope this might help those who want to not switch off powerbi functionalities


I have the exact same issue


gateway version 3000.10.232


same message when i try to edit the credential foir the R script ....


if someone found a solution i'm really interested




I have the same issue and it was occuring with the latest version of R script (3.6.1 ) and got fixed after using the lower version of R script (3.5.0).
Now we can successfully sign in to the R script (under data source credentials for Personal gateway  ) and refresh the r scripts dataset in Power BI service. 

Please mark this as solution, if this helps you !!


I have the same issue with the older version of R.

I also disabled the custom data connectors in the gateway settings. nothing helped.

Any other work arounds or solutions? appreciate your help


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