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Re: PowerBI with Azure Data Lake Store

It was a follow up to desertislesql post above in this thread...

I found out that ir you are looking to use an Azure Data Lake as your data store, you cannot directly connect to it online. If you want to use an Azure Data Lake as a data source, you will need to use an ODBC data source in Power BI Desktop.


I am testing out PowerBI with our AppInsights data. One of the options is to move the data into DataLake and use that as a source. I can access everything fine from PowerBI, but when I publish, the connection doesnt work. I keep getting prompted to login.


Doing a search, I found this reference which aligns with my experiance. Having gotten the data into DataLake, I am trying any option I can find to get the data into PowerBI.


I would have thought using ODBC was a bit of hack, and if there is a way to get this working "natively" then I would like to use it.

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Re: PowerBI with Azure Data Lake Store

What happens when we have files stored in multiple sub folders by timestamp?


When I browse binary data and check the scripts inside Power BI advance editor I get follow:


Source = DataLake.Contents(""),
Content = Source[Content],
Content1 = Content{0},
#"2017" = Content1{[Name="2017"]}[Content],
#"04" = #"2017"{[Name="04"]}[Content],
#"20" = #"04"{[Name="20"]}[Content],
#"14_0_f44e6b5c95fa49dfa3b78c89878777d1 json" = #"20"{[Name="14_0_f44e6b5c95fa49dfa3b78c89878777d1.json"]}[Content],
#"Imported CSV" = Csv.Document(#"14_0_f44e6b5c95fa49dfa3b78c89878777d1 json",[Delimiter=",", Columns=17, Encoding=1252, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.None]),


which tells I went all the way to 2017-04-20 and picked that day file. 


Can I setup this to load all files as they come?




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Re: PowerBI with Azure Data Lake Store

how can you we load all the files for all the files.. I am not sure clicking Binary would work if I want to work with all of the data? 

Would it 

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