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Power BI in digital signage

We have a need to display Power BI dashboards within a business that can cycle through different reports.  We have looked at various digital signage solutions but each one of them falls down with not being able to authenticate with Power BI.  I see that it is on the roadmap to publish power bi dashboards to sharepoint, but is there any known solution for being able to display Power BI dashboards in a signage solution?

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A great question. We have developed secure Microsoft Power BI Dashboards app for Digital Signage or Info Screens. It is very easy to authenticate your MS Power BI with Valotalive. Please see this link for further information i.e a video of how easy it is to authenticate and activate your app. Happy to help with further information.

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Hi, we are about to relese an update to Display Monkey that would enable you to show Power BI tiles and reports. Display Monkey is an web based open source digital signage solution on the windows platform. 

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Hi, we are about to relese an update to Display Monkey that would enable you to show Power BI tiles and reports. Display Monkey is an web based open source digital signage solution on the windows platform. 


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I am working with Power BI. I am testing to see of our software will work with Power BI.


You may want to try Noventri Digital Signage.    You can get the software for free to test. The software can authenticate some services.  Maybe it will work for you. 

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It widely depends on what you want to show on your signage.

Is PowerBI the only service you want to show on your display?


We have multiple screens setup in our office and they are all connected up to one PC (Windows 10) via a splitter. You can have PowerBI open up on Google Chrome with an automatic refresh on a timer (Chrome Plugin: Auto Refresh) with a program called "AutoIT AnalogX AutoTab -" that switches windows open on your desktop on a timer.


You can also make PowerBI open reports in a "Windowless scheme" by adding ?Chromeless=1 at the end of your URL.


In my experiance, I've never found decent Digital Signage software that does what we want it to. We have always used a "Windows" solution.


I would like you to test our Digital Signage solution with Power BI.

We already use it with many clients in Brazil.

Works with android.

Hi. I already create an account at dsplay, but i cant find how to present Power BI on my screens

Can you help us?

I would like you to test our Digital Signage solution with Power BI.

We already use it with many clients in Brazil.

Works with android.

Hi @jameslo30 Thanks for the tips around displaying PowerBI on screens in the office. I am trying to source a solution for this issue right now.


I tried the Windows 10 Application but it doesnt auto refresh.

Tried chrome with Super Auto Refresh addin but that just sucks up all the memory of the PC. Does AutoIT AutoTab use much memory? Is it something you can just leave running for weeks without any interaction? 24/7.





The only thing I would recommend is to try and minimise all system resources on the PC you are displaying on the monitors (i.e. turn off transparancy effects / anti virus scans).

I have a HP PC that is low spec (AMD Athlon) that has about 7 reports on Chrome (with auto refresh add-in) and the AutoTab program (I mistyped the name of the program, it's actually AnalogX AutoTab -


It uses very little memory (about 1mb).


If your reports are using up memory on your PC, try and set the Chrome add-in auto refresh rate to something quicker (i.e. every 5-10 minutes).


Mine runs for months with no problem (until I have a powercut!).




Just wanted to say that after looking at a number of paid and free solutions, we've found the open source DisplayMonkey to be the best choice.  It takes a little to set up the server (SQL Server, .NET app, and IIS), but the installation documentation is pretty good. It's very customizable, delivers smoothly to any HTML5 browser, and nothing else handles Power BI reports as well.

@hitzand,  how often do you have to sign in to show your reports? Does it ever crash or logout for some reason? 

@sieed We're running a POC at the moment and will start rollout soon, but we haven't had any logouts or crashes, and data is refreshed every time a report rotates in.  We don't have to go back in and sign in - you set up an application registration via the Azure portal and it uses that.  All reports in the 'My Workspace' section of the user you set it up with can be used in DisplayMonkey. We created a service account user in Power BI and use content packs to publish existing reports to that user's workspace.  You could also just publish reports to that user directly.  



For anyone new to this post, my company is currently in the final stages of adding support for PowerBI dashboards in our digital signage product.


We provide both the player hardware (pc with dimensions of approx 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm) and a remote management interface + support etc. for a fixed monthly fee (from £30). Of course you can also then display other info on the screens as well (videos/images/messaging/yammer, etc.). If you're interested you get in touch via our website (





I am interested in knowing more about your solution and company, please advise.




Hi Adel,


In case this is still relevant you might like to check this link: We might have a solution for you. I'm happy to help with any questions you might have. Br, Kaijus

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Thought I would come back with the solution we have started to run at my company. Is working really well on about five different computers now. Never needs a restart. Refreshes BI dashboard pages every 5 minutes.

It is a Powershell script that opens a browser window and just cycles through the dashboards.


1.    place the .ps1 file on the Desktop
2.    place the .cmd file in the startup folder (in Win 10  = win + r and type shell:startup to open startup folder)
Ths script will open an ie window cycling through PowerBI dashboards every 10 mins


biscreencycle2.ps1 =


$source = @" 
using System; 
using System.Collections.Generic; 
using System.Linq; 
using System.Text; 
using System.Threading.Tasks; 
using System.Runtime.InteropServices; 
using System.Windows.Forms; 
namespace KeyboardSend 
    public class KeyboardSend 
        public static extern void keybd_event(byte bVk, byte bScan, int dwFlags, int dwExtraInfo); 
        private const int KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY = 1; 
        private const int KEYEVENTF_KEYUP = 2; 
        public static void KeyDown(Keys vKey) 
            keybd_event((byte)vKey, 0, KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY, 0); 
        public static void KeyUp(Keys vKey) 
            keybd_event((byte)vKey, 0, KEYEVENTF_EXTENDEDKEY | KEYEVENTF_KEYUP, 0); 
Add-Type -TypeDefinition $source -ReferencedAssemblies "System.Windows.Forms" 
Function FullScreen () 

Function CloseTab () 
$errorActionPreference = "stop"

#Dashboards for user
$urls = @(
	"BI dashboard link1",
	"BI dashboard link2",
	"BI dashboard link3",
	"BI dashboard link4")

# time to display each screen 
$sleepSec = 600
$urlIndex = 0

# Start the app 
start microsoft-edge:$urls[0]
# Wait and send key stroke  
sleep 2 

    $url = $urls[$urlIndex]
	start microsoft-edge:$url
	start-sleep -s $sleepSec

	$urlIndex = ($urlIndex + 1) % $urls.length


PowerShell -Command "Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted" >> "%TEMP%\StartupLog.txt" 2>&1
PowerShell -WindowStyle Hidden C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Desktop\BiScreenCycle2.ps1 >> "%TEMP%\StartupLog.txt" 2>&1

I think one of the conditions is that the browser (edge) needs to have the credentials of the user saved.
Make sure to replace the BI Dashboard links with what you want to look at.




Hi, NowSignage are the only digital signage platform on the market that has a full integration with Microsoft PowerBI, allowing you to display your private reports securely. There are other solutions out there that enable you to display a link once it has been made publicly available which is clearly unacceptable when you're wanting to display private confidential data.


For more information please read:


If anyone would like a trial then please let me know 🙂


I would like to correct the previous information as Valotalive has had full native integration with Microsoft Power BI since 2018.

This award-nominated integration allows you to display your Power BI Reports and Dashboards securely With Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage. You can also leverage filters in your reports to go from a high-level report towards more detailed information to serve your target audience better.

 You can find further information in these blogs that cover the topics in more detail:


@elliotdixon That's pretty nice.  I may use that for a case where we need to rotate through between some vendor-specific screens.  


DisplayMonkey has been a great signage solution for us.  We use it to manage about 20 screens in multiple office locations with a variety of reports, and it has run very smoothly for over a year.  

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