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Helper IV
Helper IV

Need assistance in developing power bi app from Qliksense

Hi there,


I have transform the Qliksense App to Power BI App -

if anyone can assist - I have a script like below


//Latest Snapshot Calculation
Load Max(_Date) as _MaxDate
Resident PH;

LET vTMP_Max_Date = Num(Peek('_MaxDate', 0, 'MaxDate'));

Load Max(_Date) as _MaxDate_NSLHD
Resident PH
where PH.count_ph_resident_nslhd=1;// "Owning Jurisdiction"='Hornsby';

LET vTMP_Max_Date_NSLHD = Num(Peek('_MaxDate_NSLHD', 0, 'MaxDateNSLHD'));

drop table MaxDate;
Drop table MaxDateNSLHD;

load distinct _Date,
_Date as _Doubling_Rate_Linkage,
Interval($(vTMP_Max_Date) - _Date,'d') As PH.Last_n_days,
Interval($(vTMP_Max_Date_NSLHD) - _Date,'d') As PH.Last_n_days_NSLHD,
if(Interval($(vTMP_Max_Date) - _Date,'d') =0,1,0) as PH.count_today,
if(Interval($(vTMP_Max_Date) - _Date,'d') =7,1,0) as PH.count_7_days_ago,
if(Interval($(vTMP_Max_Date) - _Date,'d') < 7,1,0) as PH.count_last_7_days,
if(Interval($(vTMP_Max_Date) - _Date,'d') < 3,1,0) as PH.count_last_3_days
resident PH


How can I implement this in Power Bi ?




Super User
Super User

You need to show us your sample data and what you are trying to do.


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