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Minutes:Seconds conversion

Hello all!


I am very new to Power BI and trying to convert our reports from Excel to Power BI. My issue is that our reports export measure time in duration, where the time format is for example 1436:50 (1436 minutes and 50 seconds). I know how to work this in Excel, but anyone know how to convert this data into the proper HH:MM:SS format (23:56:50)? 


As always thanks in advance!

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Thank you to you both! I have another project I have to complete so I have put this one on hold, but wanted to express my graditude for all your time on this. I will try the above out and check back. 


Again thank you!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

The best way to handle durations is to convert it to a decimal (in days), load your table, write your DAX measures to do aggregation, and then format it at the end. You can do the first step with a custom column in the query editor with this expression.


= Number.FromText(Text.BeforeDelimiter([Duration], ":"))/24/60 + Number.FromText(Text.AfterDelimiter([Duration], ":"))/24/60/60


Then use the approach in this article to FORMAT as a time value however you like.

Calculate and Format Durations in DAX – Hoosier BI




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Hi @TNewton 

 Here is one way to do this. First, select data view 



Then select the column you'd like to change and click Format in the ribbon- you will see a long list of formats including time formats.


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