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Load data from



Does anyone have any experience with loading data from through Power BI?


I have tried to connect to Intercom with both Web and Odata-feed without any success.


For instance I have typed the following url: 

The acccess window appears and I have tried all the different access options (Anonoumus, Windows, Standard, API-adress and Organization-account). I have an Intercom account and I have obtained the API- ID and API-Key, but I keep getting the error message "Provided ID is invalid".


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.


B.r. Simen

Helper I
Helper I

You can connect Intercom and Power Bi via Skyvia — the no-coding integration solution. This integration isn't performed directly — Skyvia provides it through a database or cloud data warehouse with automatic schema creation. Then you can connect Power BI to this database or data warehouse easily.

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Someone knows something else to connect Power BI with intercom ??



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Hi guys! Can anyone help me out? Trying to connect Intercom with Power BI but with no luck. 😞

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The Basic auth credentials you need should be here: <- your App ID and API Key are the username/password. Could you show a screenshot of your error?


Bob (

Hi Bob, I have got a personal token and tried to connect to Intercom via a web URL but without success. What is the best way to load Intercom data to Power BI?


Thank you in advance.


Did you ever manage to connect Power BI to the Intercom API?


I managed and can help if needed.

Unfortunately refreshes are only available through publishing via the Desktop application because the service won't be able to refresh it directly as of now. Hopefully the are going to improve this in the future. 



I'd love to know how to do this with an access token now that API keys are being deprecated by Intercom.

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Hi Mauro,

How have you done it?
Do you have an example code that I could use in PBI desktop?


Anybody got it to work?

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