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Hello Everyone


I have one scenario: several excel files that feeds one PBIX doc, all of them in one folder stored in unit C , (but in my one drive)  since where I have shared with someone else (with Edit permissions) the whole file. At the time the other person try to refresh the .pbix file something like the image below appears, Does anyone know why ? I have all those files in my One Drive and shared with this person with Edit permissions...  Thank you for your help ! and comments,










6-24-2016 11-29-40 AM.png


Community Champion
Community Champion

From the picture you've posted it looks like you've either moved the file or renamed it? (or the folder(s) where the file is)

@Geraldine - I had a similar problem when I was creating some test models.


I my senario I created a .pbix file on my work laptop and saved it in my dropbox together with the source data. When I got home I just wanted to continue the work on my personal pc where I also have PBI Desktop installed and access to my dropbox files, but I received errors that PBI Desktop could not read my data.


The reason for this is the path to the file - in my case dropbox files on my work laptop is stored in D:\Dropbox\ but on my personal pc it was stored on C:\Dropbox, so when I opened the .pbix file on my personal pc the Query Editor was no longer able to see the source data because they was now stored in C:\ instead of D:\ after I moved my dropbox on my personal pc to D:\ all was working well.


What really happens when you share a Dropbox (or OneDrive) file is that the file is dublicated locally to the person you share it with and when he/she open this file they don't have access to your data drive, so Query Editor tries to find the files in the exact same location and unless you have the same OneDrive setup the files are not there.


You might be able to replace "C:\Users\Olivo\OneDrive - HERE Global B.V\" with "%OneDrive%\", but I haven't tested this and don't know if Query Editor will be able to handle this or if it will work with scheduled refresh.


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