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Helper V
Helper V

FillDown for each group



I did a group by columns and FillDown on a conditional column, however the FillDown is not happening for each group...Can someone help with powerquery to FillDown for each group (SHIPMENT_NUMBER). TIA for your help !




#"Grouped Rows" = Table.Group(Source, {"TS_SHIPMENT_NUMBER", "TRANSHIPPERSHORTNAME", "TS_SHIP_NAME", "TS_STARTDATE_UTC"}, {{"LINES", each _, type table [TRANSHIPPERSHORTNAME=nullable text, FROM_DATE=nullable datetime, TS_END_DATE_UTC=datetime, COMMENT=nullable text, TS_SHIP_NAME=nullable text, TS_STARTDATE_UTC=datetime, TS_SHIPMENT_NUMBER=nullable text, TRANSHIPPERNAME=text, HATCH=nullable text, BARGE_NO=nullable number, PROGRESSIVE_TON_START=nullable number, PROGRESSIVE_TONNES=nullable number]}}),
#"Added Conditional Column" = Table.AddColumn(#"Expanded LINES", "LINES", each if [PROGRESSIVE_TONNES] = null then [PROGRESSIVE_TON_START] else [PROGRESSIVE_TONNES]),
#"Replaced Value" = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Added Conditional Column",0,null,Replacer.ReplaceValue,{"LINES"}),
#"Filled Down" = Table.FillDown(#"Replaced Value",{"LINES"}),
#"Filtered Rows" = Table.SelectRows(#"Filled Down", each [TS_STARTDATE_UTC] = #datetime(2020, 10, 26, 0, 0, 0))
#"Filtered Rows"

Helper III
Helper III

Hello over there,

Have you managed to make this? 
This is exactly the thing i want indeed 🙂 
Thank you in advance

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @kumsha1 ,

Based on your description and data sample, not certain what is your expected output. Which column you want to fill down based on each group? Could you please consider sharing more details about this issue for further discussion?


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Super User III
Super User III

Hello @kumsha1 


I can't see the data source but I suppose that the cell value is "null" and not null. Fill-Down works only with datatype null. So you can do a replacevalue to replace "null" with null.


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Have fun


Hi @Jimmy801 ,


There is no issue with null. FillDown is happening for entire table and i want this to happen for each group of the data.

Hello @kumsha1 


sorry, I cannot follow you. Can you share some data, some screenshots and what exactly you are missing?





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