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Extract decimal number from string/array in a column

 Hello Everyone,


I need help extracting the decimal value(probability) in the colmn below to a new column

Where column is "None", just return "None"

I appreciate your usual assistance.


Thank you



Sample Column Data

{Class 3, 0.9217529296875, RVZZWGU-1669262980664066}
{Empty, 0.4757094785391566, RVZZWGU-1669262578881289}
{Class 3, 0.34200205701462766, RVZZWGU-1669261171826787}
{Unknown / Unclear placards, 0.18481799139492755, RVZZWGU-1669260433017770}
{Unknown / Unclear placards, 0.9827880859375, RVZZWGU-1669259748272718}
{Class 9, 0.5, RVZZWGU-1669256108966141}
{Unknown / Unclear placards, 0.33853812839673914, HCNCMWM-1669255650236044}
{Empty, 0.6764705882352942, RVZZWGU-1669253225142617}
{HCNCMWM-1669251655174000, Unknown / Unclear placards, 0.5084709398674242}
{RVZZWGU-1669251514088154, Class 8, 0.9172712053571429}
{HCNCMWM-1669249432480900, Unknown / Unclear placards, 0.7017822265625}
{RVZZWGU-1669249196587855, Unknown / Unclear placards, 0.19899808443509615}
{HCNCMWM-1669246793542171, Empty, 0.3621622721354167}
{HCNCMWM-1669246349577191, Empty, 0.46729600694444445}

{HCNCMWM-1669245233625586, Empty, 0.9990234375}
{RVZZWGU-1669244466486794, Class 3, 0.9298074287280702}
{RVZZWGU-1669244313013583, Empty, 0.9373779296875}

{RVZZWGU-1669244114042083, Class 8, 0.9987571022727273}
{RVZZWGU-1669243506594807, Class 9, 0.997705078125}
{RVZZWGU-1669243218700840, Empty, 0.99951171875}
{RVZZWGU-1669242908216437, Other Marks, 0.4453125}

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ugoriuko


    Source = Table.FromRows(Json.Document(Binary.Decompress(Binary.FromText("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", BinaryEncoding.Base64), Compression.Deflate)), let _t = ((type nullable text) meta [Serialized.Text = true]) in type table [material_type1 = _t]),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"material_type1", type text}}),
    #"Split Column by Delimiter" = Table.ExpandListColumn(Table.TransformColumns(#"Changed Type", {{"material_type1", Splitter.SplitTextByDelimiter(",", QuoteStyle.Csv), let itemType = (type nullable text) meta [Serialized.Text = true] in type {itemType}}}), "material_type1"),
    #"Filtered Rows" = Table.SelectRows(#"Split Column by Delimiter", each Text.Contains([material_type1], ".") or [material_type1] = "None"),
    #"Replaced Value" = Table.ReplaceValue(#"Filtered Rows","}","",Replacer.ReplaceText,{"material_type1"})
    #"Replaced Value"

Best Regards,

Community Support Team


If there is any post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution  to help the other members find it more quickly. If I misunderstand your needs or you still have problems on it, please feel free to let us know. Thanks a lot!

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Super User
Super User

=Table.AddColumn(PreviousStepName,"Decimal Number",each Number.From(List.Select(Text.Split([material_type1],","),each Text.Remove(_,{".","0".."9"})=""){0}?))

Thanks for your swift assistance @wdx223_Daniel but it returns all nulls

I just need the decimal number (probability) extracted regardless of the what format it returns it in


I appreciate the effort.



=Table.AddColumn(PreviousStepName,"Decimal Number",each Number.From(List.Select(Text.SplitAny([material_type1],",}"),each Text.Remove(_,{".","0".."9"})=""){0}?))

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