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[Expression.Error] We cannot convert the value null to type Logical.

Hi all, 


In my query, the following step is causing the error: [Expression.Error] We cannot convert the value null to type Logical.


here's M code

Table.FromRecords(Table.TransformRows(#"Expanded AccountXRef", (Row) => if Row[Charge To Home BU] then Record.TransformFields(Row, {
{"Charge To BU Number", each Row[Home BU Number]},
{"Charge To BU Name", each Row[Home BU Name]},
{"Charge To BU Type", each Row[Home BU Type]},
{"Charge To Division", each Row[Home Division]},
{"Charge To HRBP", each Row[Home HRBP]},
{"Charge To Director/Manager", each Row[#"Home Director/Manager"]},
{"Charge To Officer", each Row[Home Officer]},
{"Charge To EC Member", each Row[Home EC Member]}
}) else Row), Value.Type(#"Expanded AccountXRef"))


I have checked all the columns on the table and don't see any nulls. Can someone see what the issue is?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @fzhang ,


Could you tell me if your problem has been solved?

Both @Vijay_A_Verma  and @AlexisOlson 's suggestions are good.

If you are still confused about it, please provide me with more details about your problem. For example, provide some screenshots.


Best Regards,

Stephen Tao


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Community Champion
Community Champion

This part needs to be made conditional

if Row[Charge To Home BU]

This needs a conditional operator say

if Row[Charge To Home BU] <> null 

There's a nifty null coalesce operator ?? now. This allows for handling null checks compactly.

if Row[Charge To Home BU] ?? false then ...

This is a shortcut for

if (if Row[Charge To Home BU] = null then false else Row[Charge To Home BU]) then ...


The operator is documented here (scroll all the way down to the end):

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