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Resolver III
Resolver III

Enterprise Data Gateway with organizational account

I have a PBI model using data from both an Oracle database and an Excel file located on a Sharepoint Online site. To refresh this, we have configured the Enterprise Data Gateway.

We now run into an issue refreshing the Excel file. When building the model we had to use 'Organizational account' to authenticate, but this authentication method is missing from the EDG configuration when adding a new data source. We get errors when trying to use other authentication methods. How can we solve this?


Hi Michiel,
Is the Excel file on SharePoint Online? You do not need an Enterprise Gateway to refresh this since it's online. You only need the Gateway if you have the file on-prem. 

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Hi Dimazaid,


Michiel is helping us with our first steps in PowerBI, to make it more clear the Oracle DB is in the gateway and the sharepoint site is not.

This sharepoint site was automaticly made by making a group in powerBI here are the excel files stored.

If I put this files in power BI desktop by the WEB connection and afterwards I publish it I have to put in an authorisation I do that with OData and then refresh works (There is  only the Excel file published and refreshed)

When I put my Oracle SQL in powerBI desktop and publish (alone) is also refreshes.

But when I combine these two datasources it looks like he wants only 1 type of connection , the gateway or direct to a cloud source

Under settings dataset both gateway connection and datasource credentials are greyed out.

Like Dirk mentions, the issue lies in the combination of on-prem and cloud sources for one dataset. Power BI appears to accept only one source for a dataset, which makes sense, and it looks like we could refresh the Excel file through the gateway as well. But this is not working because of the missing 'Organizational account' option in the Enterprise gateway.

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