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Empty Table

Hello, I need your help to fix this issue.

How can I correct this error in Power Query,

one of the steps is to apply a filter, normally after refreshing the report the table is updated.

The problem I have now is that after applying the filter, the table is empty, and the query is not updated. "Download did not complete" error. Is there any way to bypass this error and load the table showing zero values (0)?






Super User
Super User

Hi @roscas - ah, I see that you have Pivot Column step.  This step will require rows with data other no columns are returned - no columns no table, so now you error message makes sense.



As a work around, you need to include and extra to checks if the table is empty and if so create an empty table as a substitute.  Something like this:

= if Table.IsEmpty( #"Pivoted Column" ) then #table( type table[Column1=text, Column2=text] , {} ) else #"Pivoted Column"



Super User
Super User

Hi @roscas - I am not sure how to help because Excel and a Power BI Dataset/Dataflows will load empty tables. 






@Daryl-Lynch-Bzy thanks for your recommendation, the problem I'm having is that if I apply this, a new table will be created. I need it to show zero in the same table, since this table is referenced with other formulas.

Hi @roscas - it is possible to include a row with Blank in this table.  Please refer to the Gorilla Bi Creating Tables - see the example in the #table constructor.

= #table(
     type table[ ProductKey = Int64.Type, Product = Text.Type ],
        { 1, "Apple" },
        { 2, "Prume" }
) // Creates a table with specified Data Types and Column Names


Hi Daryl

The excel file is not empty, if you see the steps before apply Filter there are 128 rows, after filter is empty







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