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Data cleanup - how to clean and combine a report with multiple smaller tables into one larger table

Hello all,


I am trying to clean up a report in BI that comes from an Excel file and could use some guidance on how to set up a new column with some logic involved. In the excel spreadsheet there are basically multiple rows with headers for projects in a table. The headers are all the same. 


In the report it has headers like the following




However, in the NAME column there are values in the column that I want to have added into a newly created column, call it STATUS


So the way the data looks now would be example:


Project NameProject ManagerProject ID
In progressnull


Project NameProject ManagerProject ID
Project 1Bob1
Project 2Bob


On holdnullnull
Project NameProject ManagerProject ID
Project 3John3
Project NameProject ManagerProject ID
Project 4Steve4
Project NameProject ManagerProject ID
Project 5 Steve 5


Ideally, what I would like to do is take the 'In Progress', 'On Hold', 'Complete', and 'Canceled' values that are in the NAME column and insert a new column to the end so it is like


Project NameProject ManagerProject IDStatus
Project 1Bob1In Progress


Then, remove the rows that include the headers for that section so that the data in the table is properly formatted with only 1 correct set of headers at the top of table. 


Could anyone assist with the clean up? It would be greatly appreciated!



Super User
Super User

Hello - I recommend this...

  • Add a new column that identifies whether or not the row contains headers. Something like "ContainsHeaders" and this would be true/false.
  • Add new column that puts the Status into the correct position.  
  • Remove rows in which ContainsHeaders = false and Status = null. 

This is very helpful, thanks! Could you explain a bit as to how I could do step 1 and step 2? Moreso step 2, how could I take the statuses in column 1 and have them be put into a new column for each one? A conditional column? Sorry, I am still learning BI



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