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Creating a Latest Status column in database

Hello PBI Experts,


I have a question for you ! 🙂 I have multiple lines for the same investment (or projects) depending on its progress in a workflow ( Pre-Approval / Approval / N/A) and I have same kinds of message (approved / pending) per workflow progress.


I would like to add an extra column ("Latest Status" ) in Power Query inside PBI which displays for each line the latest status per investment in the following way:



Your help is much appreciated.


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Super User

@AkosKanto - do you have a date or timestamp column in the data? You kind of need a column to order by if you want the "latest".

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One approach to this:

  • Group the rows by Investment, creating an aggregate column containing "All Rows"
  • Sort the rows contained in each group so that the latest status is ordered last
    • If you can't use an alphanumeric sort, try a custom comparer, or simply map each value to an integer column that can be sorted on
  • Add a custom column to the rows in each group that contains the status from the last row in the group
  • Expand
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @AkosKanto ,


According to the screenshot, I'm not clear about the logic of the “Latest Status”.


For ABC1, the latest row is Approval & Approved , it's right. But for ACB2, the latest row is Approval & N/A , why the final result  is Approval  & Pre-Approval ?



The rule I can find is that there may be an order for status ,like 

Workflow: From N/A --> Pre-Approval --> Approval 

Message: From  N/A --> Approval Pending --> Approved


Let's take an example:

For ABC1 , firstly Message has two values: Approval Pending and Approved. So the latest message is Approved, then according to this, find two Workflows as well: Pre-Approval  and Approval. so the lastest workflow is Approval


Could you please explain more to help us clarify your scenario?


Best Regards,
Eyelyn Qin

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