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Connection to IBM Cognos TM1 via OData



I've been struggling to connect to an IBM Cognos TM1 Database (enabled for Rest API) through Power BI and the OData Feed.


I see there is a third-party connector available to assist with this but really I would love to find out if it is possible to connect without an extra layer.


I've been tearing my hair out over it and the best I can currently achieve through power BI is an 'Unable to connect: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed', or a 400/404 generic error.


The standard URI for the TM1 server with odata is http(s)://host:port/api/v1/


Any advice/thoughts would be really appreciated.


It may be just that the TM1 Rest API isn't fully functioning enough to support the Odata connection in Power BI.







I am a new bee in PBI. I have tried TM1 Restpi in GetData-> Web-> Advanced option in PBI Desktop. 'Get' Method mdx query executed succesfully and pulled the dimension elements. But now I tried to make POST request in MDX query, in fiddler it says 

"message=The content type specified is not supported. Please use JSON (application/json; charset=utf-8) as the content type."


Though I have changed the content-type, same error. 


Here is my code: 


url = "http://localhost:8000/api/v1/ExecuteMDX?$expand=Axes($select=Ordinal;$expand=Tuples($count;$expand=Members($select=Name))),Cells($select=Ordinal,Value)",
body = "{
""MDX"": ""SELECT {([kh_bgkto].[zTest1])} on 0,{([kh_ges].[test])} on 1 FROM [kh_bg] WHERE ([kh_verf].[KV1],[kh_jahr].[J02],[kh_perio].[P12C],[kh_versi].[V01],[kh_kons].[B01],[kh_konz].[KF01])""
Parsed_JSON = Json.Document(body),
BuildQueryString = Uri.BuildQueryString(Parsed_JSON),
Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(url,
Headers= [ #"Authorization"="Basic sddRtaW46", #"ContentType"="application/json; charset=UTF-8"], Content = Text.ToBinary(body)



If anyone is still stuck with this we now have a TM1 Data Connector for use in Power BI. 


Download the custom data connector from

Hi @micatio,


This lets you connect to Cloud only however I am looking for on premise TM1 Server connect to Power BI ? Do you have any connectors for that ?




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