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Cannot connect to MySQL database

I have a MySQL database on a Windows 2008 server.  How do I get the MySQL data into BI?


From Desktop BI, I click on Get Data > More > MySQL Database > Connect


I then enter my server IP address, 192.168.whatever and my database name


It then just tells me Unable to connect:  We encountered an error while trying to connect.  Details: ""



(there's nothing but "" after the word details above)


I do already have the mysql-connector-net-6.6.5.msi installed.


Any suggestions?






Can you please send a frown (smiley on top of PBI window) to us, with trace files? It shouldn't have showed an empty message.


(Enable tracing from Options > Diagnostics > Enable Tracing (Verbose) (also you can open the Traces folder from here), then reproduce the failure, then close the PBI Desktop. You can get the traces from Traces folder.)



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OK - I just sent a frown with the traces.  Actually sent two of them just now.

Did you send the emails to ?

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No, you said to send the frown with the files.


I'll see if I can email them now too.  I've never seen the email so had no idea that's what I should have done...

Sorry, my bad. My coworkers couldn't find your email, can you please look at your sent emails and let me know when & to whom it was sent?



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I just now sent them, I hadn't sent them before.  That's what I was saying, I had never heard of that email address to send them before.




Well, I just got th is auto reply:


 The group pbi_fr only accepts messages from people in its organization or on its allowed senders list, and your email address isn't on the list.

Sorry, it's my bad, it should have been

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Thanks @dibbkd! From the traces, it looks like there was a problem with the MySQL driver. Can you please uninstall & reinstall your MySQL ADO.NET driver and see if it fixes the issue?



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Can you send me a link so I make sure I install the correct driver?

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OK, that's the link I originally used too.


I uninstalled and reinstalled and get the same results with it not working.


 I just sent the frowns with the traces.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the driver, I think it may be an installation issue. What if you try the newest version?

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I tried that latest version and no luck


I sent another frown.

(You don't need to send a frown each time, because it's probably the same issue 🙂 )

I'm not sure what the problem is, all I know is that it's a driver issue (probably an installation issue). We'll look into this issue, thanks for reporting it to us. Meanwhile, you can find a MySQL ODBC driver, and use that with PBI Desktop to connect to your MySQL database.

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