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Can I ignore ssl, ie connect via http (vs. https) or ignore missing certificates?

I have some (internal) servers I need to connect via the APIs, but as they've no certificates, Power BI is throwing a fit.

I am getting the "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel."

Is there a way I can tell it to connect to these servers anyways?


I've tried the following solution to no avail:


My other option is to connect via the DBs directly, but as those are extremely hairy, the APIs would be much preferable.




You may try bypass the SSL issue in your code. Please refer to threads below:


I can't figure out why "Clear SSL State" doesn't work in your scenario. You can create a support ticket for deep analysis.





Hmmmm, maybe I phrased my question wrong, but thanks for the reply!  I'm not actually using any code (besides PowerQuery and DAX)


When I said connecting to the APIs, I meant that within Power BI I'm using "Get Data", then using the Web data connector to tap into those web REST APIs for our internally hosted servers (CommVault, VMWare, Isilon, XtremIO, etc.)


Is there a way I can tell Power BI to trust specific internal servers, or disable the cert checks?  Probably a terrible idea, but trying to get this POC up and running at least.  If there's a safer solution, that's great as well - but I'm still learning about certs, and from what I've been told, getting those onto our internal servers is going to be a big problem.


Hi, did you solve the problem? Becasue I encountered the same problem,


I am encountering same problem.

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