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Add manual data to duplicated table? Or use powerapp?

Hi all,

Newbie here.

1.  I have pulled in and merged data from a "folder" that contains hundreds of csv files in same format. 

2.  I have duplicated this table/query so that I can delete all columns except 1st column.


Is it possible to add a few columns to the right of this remaining (1st column) and enter manual data?

Then when you hit refresh, more cvs data is added to the original table/query from the "folder" which then is added in the single Column 1 in the duplicated table/query but the previously manually entered data remains unchanged but then you can enter more data to those columns where data is missing? 

If not, can you do this in powerapps?

Hope that makes sense




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Super User

"enter manual data"


Are you asking for yourself as a developer, or are you expecting this to be available to a Power BI report viewer?

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Thanks Ibendlin

I'm definitely no developer.  I'm just teaching myself and just didn't know if this was even an option.  If not, that's fine but if so, perhaps you or someone could point me in the direction of a youtube video explanation or give me some kind of general instruction.



Power BI is a reporting tool. It has no memory, everything is reloaded each time you run a refresh  (ignoring the whole incremental refresh topic here as it doesn't apply to your scenario). You would need to do what you describe in a system further upstream (like in your folder structure).

I guess I shouldn't really be referring to Power BI but Power Query.  There is a manual data entry table and I'm wondering if you can attach it to an existing query/table that has been pulled in and "cleaned" from a folder on OneDrive?

Yes, what you describe is possible with Power Query. But it is not very elegant, and not designed for frequent interaction.



Anyone with any tips as to how?

Once you have clicked "Enter Data" and selected a table/Query name you would then need to press the cog wheel icon next to the "Source" step to get back to the data entry/modification screen.

Thanks Ibendlin.  Yes I know about using the manual data but it's the adding manual data to an existing query.  Anyway, it sounds like it can't be done.  Thanks anyway 🙂

You can append queries in Power Query, doesn't matter where they come from. So you can append your manually entered data to data from a database table, for example.

Super User
Super User

"enter manual data"


Are you asking for yourself as a developer, or are you expecting this to be available to a Power BI report viewer?

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