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React to PowerBIIntegration.Data changes in a Power App

Hi all,

I've got a Power BI report and added a Power Apps canvas app with a connected Power Automate Flow to it to save data back to the data source, and they are working together quite nicely.


But now I've got the following requirement:


  1. A user selects one or multiple rows in the Power BI report.
  2. Based on the selected data, which I get through PowerBIIntegration.Data, I need the Power App to send data to a Stored Procedure in a SQL database through a Flow whenever the user selection changes in the Power BI report.
  3. The return values from the Stored Procedure are used as items for a multi-select gallery with check boxes.


I managed to solve that requirement by calling the Flow in the OnSelect of a "single-select" drop down control. It was not "perfect", as the drop down's OnSelect event called the Flow, and I had to show a loading spinner as soon as the user clicked to open the drop down, but it was "acceptable".

But how do I solve that with a multi-select control, like a combo box or a gallery with check boxes? I cannot use the OnSelect event of those controls, as a user should be able to select multiple entries. So for each click it would call the Flow and show a loading spinner.

I thought about adding a "reload" button/icon next to the gallery, but I would consider that "bad design" as I as a user would expect the gallery/combo box items to update automatically when I select the entries in the Power BI report. And my end users also didn't accept that. 😉 


Any ideas? Is there maybe a way to solve that with a custom component (PCF)?


Re: React to PowerBIIntegration.Data changes in a Power App

I found a workaround/solution by creating a component. 😊



  1. Create a component
  2. Add a custom input property and check "Raise OnReset when value changes"
  3. "Bind" PowerBIIntegration.Data to this property
  4. Call the Flow / Stored Procedure in the component's OnReset 
  5. Return the values in an output property
  6. "Bind" that output property to whatever control in your app


Doing it that way makes it a bit "chatty" as basically every selection change in the Power BI report will trigger a Flow (and thus a Stored Proedure) call, but I didn't find any other solution yet.

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