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Getting Payload from Mulesoft Aggregated Metrics API in Power BI through Power BI Connector

Hi All,


I am trying to get the Output Payload from Metrics Tool Kit API (which is an Aggregator API created in Mulesoft for Splunk Dashboard), transformed and transmitted to Power BI Workspace. I want to have the Data Refreshed in Power BI Workspace at the same time frame when it updates the data for Splunk Dashboard.


Currently we have the data from the Metrics Tool Kit API sent to Splunk every 6 hours.


Need help and Guidance, as i am Novice to both Mulesoft as well as to Power BI



Anandh Madhavan

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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Here are the general steps you can follow to get the data from the Metrics Tool Kit API into Power BI:

  1. Connect to the Metrics Tool Kit API from Power BI: In Power BI Desktop, select "Get Data" from the Home ribbon and choose "API" as the data source. Enter the API URL for the Metrics Tool Kit API and configure the authentication method (if necessary).

  2. Transform the data: After connecting to the API, you may need to transform the data to fit your reporting requirements. You can do this using the Power BI Query Editor by cleaning, transforming, and shaping the data.

  3. Load the data into Power BI Workspace: After transforming the data, you can load it into Power BI Workspace by selecting "Close & Apply" in the Power BI Query Editor.

  4. Set up data refresh: In the Power BI Workspace, go to the "Settings" menu and select "Datasets". Find your dataset in the list and select the "Refresh" option. Configure the refresh schedule to match the update frequency of the Metrics Tool Kit API (every 6 hours).

Note: If the Metrics Tool Kit API requires an API key or other form of authentication, you will need to set this up in Power BI before connecting to the API.

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