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SCCM Solution Template - Why the ETL Model?

I've been using the PowerBI Solutions Template for SCCM for months now. It's great. I've learned to extend the solution to start pulling in more custom data (which was a chor as a SQL/PowerBI beginner without a lot of documentation out there).


I'm curious on why the Solutions Template is setup as an ETL model - by pulling in certain pieces of data to a separate DB and then querying that DB?


Why not just query the SCCM DB directly?

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Re: SCCM Solution Template - Why the ETL Model?

As a general rule, querying your application database with a reporting tool is risky and could negatively impact not only the application but the end users of that application.  Thus, at a minimum, reporting should be done on a replicated data source.


Regarding this solution, you could definitely redesign the model to hit the source database directly by simply replacing the pbist_sccm views with the source queries.  You would then also need to install a Gateway to enable data refresh from within the Power BI cloud service.