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Power BI Pride Submission Instructions

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Want to know more about Power BI Pride? Visit our event post


Are you ready to share your Power BI pride with the world? Read on to learn how to submit your video!




  1. Take a video with your phone, laptop, or other device. See our Guidelines for Video Files for tips on getting great footage.

  2. Upload your Pride video in one of the following ways and make a note of the URL:
    • Upload your file to a file-sharing service such as OneDrive or Dropbox.
    • Upload your file to YouTube as an unlisted video. Your video must be unlisted to be included in this event.
  3. Send a private message through this forum to the member PBI_Pride. Your message should include:
    • The message subject, which should tell us who you are and be in the form of "I am...". (See Power BI Personas for inspiration.)
    • The URL for your video file in the message body.

Please note that PBI_Pride is a system account that will not reply to submissions or questions.




By participating, you agree to these  Terms and Conditions .