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Some Video Tips

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Some video tips:

  • Test your video and sound equipment before starting.
  • Take advantage of natural light, both around the room and on your face. Keep any sources of light in front of you, not behind you for example, try facing a window on a sunny day!
  • Reduce background noise by closing all windows and doors or finding a quieter area to record in. If you’re using your laptop, try a headset (instead of speakers).
  • Control your background environment by making sure the space is clutter free and anything showing behind you is appropriate to be shown on camera i.e. photographs, pictures, posters etc.
  • Don’t forget to make eye contact! Position your recording device so you’re looking directly into the camera lens. If you’re holding your phone, try to minimize any shaky hands.
  • Solid, neutral colored clothes look best on film. Avoid reds, whites, thin stripes, brand logos, and shiny jewelry or eye glass frames.
  • Check the quality of your video before you submit by watching it once through.

Most important of all: Relax and don’t rush, smile and have fun!