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Zero to Hero with Power BI

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Alright, our first month of having a real presentation! Thanks to everyone who came to our kickoff meeting - great discussion and networking. This next meeting we're going to do a run through of Power BI from end to end and set a good foundation for the rest of our meetings. I call this talk "Zero to Hero with Power BI"


What are we going to look at? Connecting to all sorts of data sources, cleaning and modeling data together, writing calculations with DAX, building interactive reports, and sharing our reports.  This is a lightning tour, 100% demo! Think about bringing your laptop and following along if you can. Smiley Tongue


If you have something specific you'd like to see, answer the RSVP question "What are you interested in hearing about in Power BI?" Looking forward to hearing from you.



Austin Senseman is a non-techie who wandered into the world of data & analytics through a series of financial analyst roles using Power Pivot.  Austin has managed to make a full-time living helping Excel users get to the next level with Power Pivot & Power BI and he is currently VP of Operations @ PowerPivotPro.


Food & Drinks will be provided by PowerPivotPro.



Austin is VP Operations at PowerPivotPro and a professional self-service enthusiast Smiley Happy