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Vancouver Power BI User Group Meet-up - Data Science & Machine Learning for BI



Arul Bharathi will be presenting an overview of Data Science and Machine Learning, and how they are being used by the BI industry. Topics he will touch on include:

  • Interactive Jargon Busting – With the fast-paced growth of data science in the past decade, a lot of confusing jargon with overlapping meanings has been introduced in the industry.
  • Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining – What do so-called “Data Scientist & Analyst” people do? We will clarify the standard process of data analysis and mining in industry.
  • Where Business and Data Collides? – A look at how business understanding and data understanding go hand-in-hand in different sectors.
  • StaT – WhaT?– A walk-through of the different types of statistics concepts (Descriptive, Inferential Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis).
  • Could Machines Learn and Leave Us alone? – An overview of the major concepts in Machine Learning (Regression, Classification and Clustering) using real life examples, and how will it be useful for BI professionals and analysts.
  • Is Big Data Really Big? – A general explanation of what big data is, and what big data technologies really do.
  • Let's Get To Business Please – How all the above Data Science concepts are being used/can be used by the BI sector in different industries.

Arul Bharathi is a Data Enthusiast and Data Scientist who is currently a Master’s Graduate Student in Big Data Analytics at Simon Fraser University. He spent 5 years as a BI Applications Developer for Bank of New York Mellon (the largest custodian bank in the world), and is performing research in nature’s symmetry using Machine Learning. Learn more about our speaker here:


Our room size is limited, so we need you to register in advance at our meetup site.


TENTATIVE AGENDA (subject to change):

• 5:30pm-6:00pm Networking, Dinner & Soft Drinks

• 6:00pm-6:05pm Welcome & Introductions

• 6:05pm-6:20pm "What's New in Power BI" Overview

• 6:20pm-7:00pm Feature Presentation