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PBD365 - Power BI Developer Bootcamp with Ted Pattison

Critical Path Training


Power BI Developer Bootcamp is an intensive 4-day training course with hands-on labs designed to get professional software developers up to speed on developing custom software solutions for the Power BI platform. This course assumes that incoming students already have hands-on experience working with the Power BI platform as well as experience creating and publishing projects with Power BI Desktop.


Author/Instructor and Office 365 MVP Ted Pattison instructs students how to develop custom visuals for Power BI using Typescript and the D3.js library. Students will learn how to develop and debug custom visuals using Microsoft's recommended development environment which includes the Node.js framework, Node Package Manager (npm) and the Power BI visual CLI tool (pbiviz). Along the way, students will learn how to package up a custom visual for testing purposes and for distribution to a production Power BI workspace.

The course also teaches students how to get started with the R data analytics platform as well as how R can be integrated with Power BI. Students will learn fundamental R programming syntax and become comfortable writing and testing R scripts in the RStudio IDE. The course also covers how R scripts can be integrated into Power BI Desktop projects to import data and to generate charts and graphs using the R script visual. Students will also learn how to develop custom R visuals which make it possible to leverage the visualization power of the R platform while encapsulating the implementation details in a reusable custom visual.

The last day of the course focuses on custom development with the Power BI REST API and the Power BI Embedded service in Microsoft Azure. Students will learn how to authenticate users against Azure Active Directory and to acquire and manage access tokens which are required when calling the Power BI REST API. The course covers using the Power BI REST API to automate publishing PBIX files and configuring data source settings dynamically. The course also examines leveraging the Power BI Embedded service to provision Power BI workspaces on demand in order to deploy commercial web applications that don't authenticate users against Azure Active Directory. Students will also learn how to embed Power BI reports in a commercial web application as well as how to programmatically interact with embedded reports using the Power BI JavaScript API.


Student Prerequisites

Students should have previous experience working with the Power BI service and Power BI Desktop. Students should also have previous experience programming with JavaScript and C# in Visual Studio.




Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Power BI
Developer Overview
Programming with TypeScript
and the D3 Library
Developing R Scripts
using RStudio
Developing with the
Power BI
Desktop Primer 1
Getting Started with
the Power BI Developer Tools
Integrating R Scripts
into Power BI Desktop
Getting Started
with Power BI Embedded
Power BI
Desktop Primer 2
Developing and Distributing
Custom Visuals
Custom R Visuals
Developing Applications
with Power BI Embedded


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