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Mile Hi Power BI User Group - October 2016 Monthly Meeting

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Power to the People: Using Power BI in Web Applications by George Young    

Over the past few months, the Power BI team has released a number of new features that make it incredibly easy to share your BI visuals outside of Power BI. Publish to Web, Power BI Embedded, and the Power BI APIs allow you to easily consume and share interactive visuals in your web applications (and other apps). We’ll take a look at how to do this, using these new features, with live demos.     

George has worked as a software developer for the past two decades, including twelve at Microsoft. He is currently an independent consultant (Dawson Butte Software) living at 7000 feet in Larkspur, Colorado, where he works primarily on .NET applications, including a client for which he is developing embedded Power BI for their web application. He is the Vice President of the Denver Area Access Users Group, and has presented to a variety of groups, including Denver Dev Days, the Denver Visual Studio User Group, SharePoint Saturday, and Access Day. 

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Make sure you get to the Microsoft office before 6pm as the lobby doors automatically lock at 6pm and the elevators only work with a building badge after 6pm.

Help spread the word about the group, send all of you collegues and friends that want to know more about Power BI to and get them to sign up.


Also, join the online Power BI community, by signing up for a login on and clicking on the Register link in the upper left section of the page. Make sure you associate your login with the Mile Hi Power BI User Group by clicking on this link once you have logged in and verified your account via email and click on the Claim Badge button on the right side of the page under the Claim your PUG Badge heading. Once you have done that you can participate in the forums for the international Power BI community.