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Excel to Power BI (from PowerPivotPro) - 08/18/15

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Date: Tue Aug 18th 9:00-10:00 AM Pacific Time


Goal of this webinar is to introduce business users and teams using Excel to PowerBI. Power BI is the bold new direction of Microsoft BI and offers an agile, cost-effective approach to building a BI solution. We would layout the shortest path you can take to adopt and leverage the new technology to serve your business needs.


What You Would Learn:


Why teams using Excel need Power BI
Best way to upload and use your Excel files on Power BI
Easiest way to refresh your Power BI data
Go beyond Excel to leverage the Power BI platform
How you can influence the future direction of Power BI


Who Should Attend:

Business Users/Teams currently using Excel but looking to build automated, scalable BI solutions and analytics; while maintaining the agility and speed of Excel.


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