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Excel Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter Meeting

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The Excel BI VC offers training and support to individuals who use Excel and is a Virtual Chapter hosted by Our next meeting is August 31, 2015 7-8AM PDT.  Here is the information on our next meeting.


Power Pivot – The Highway to Power BI

There have been a lot of changes to Excel as it relates to Power BI. Last year, Excel was Power BI and on July 24, this year Power BI Desktop was released. With all of these change, it’s hard to keep up. During this presentation I will show you that despite the changes, Power Pivot is still the go to data modeling tool for data mashups. We will review some of the best practices for data modeling in Excel and review how to migrate your Excel documents to Power BI on the web, and to get the data refreshed. You’ll learn what the reasons are for deploying to web vs SharePoint so that you will know what deployment decisions to make in your environment.


Here is a link to register for this free webniar