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4/19 How to Design Visually Stunning Reports in Power BI

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Reporting is more than just charts, numbers, and percentages...designing a report is an art form. In this presentation, Miguel Myers will teach you the difference between reports, indicators/gauges, presentations, dashboards, and infographics; including how you can take advantage of each one and how you can design them using Power BI. Miguel will teach you his secrets, such as how using other external tools to understand color, texture, space, balance and saturation can help you to create unique and clean designs. Using colors, shapes, fonts, and images are just 30% of the labor when you create a report. There are other secrets behind the shiny charts and shapes that make your report complete; secrets that even experts don't want to share at all. Are you ready to design your reports as never before? Please join us to learn more about data graphic design. Invite your employees, coworkers, bosses, and friends.

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About the Presenter:

Miguel Myers Miguel Myers (Power BI Community: @Mykhael) is an International Marketing Specialist, International Merchandizer and Graphic Designer who is focused on social media channels and international marketing research analysis. He uses Power BI to track and report on data in real-time from different sources and countries. Miguel has been a Data Scientist for 6 years, working for international companies in the USA, Mexico, the UK, Spain, Central America and South America including DHL, Grupo Bimbo, The Cheesecake Factory, AT&T, Golds Gym, NHS hospitals and more. Miguel wants to share his experience to make our community stronger. If you have any questions about this topic, please let us or him know and we will reply to you as soon as possible. You can see some of his work here and he’ll cover how to build some of these in his presentation! Miguel Myers Power BI Community: @Mykhael