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Super User Bios – Season 1 2020

Super Users are recognized for their time, dedication and contribution to the community.  Read on to learn a bit more about them from the bios they provided and be sure to give them a thumbs up when they help you in the community!


Chris Mendoza (@ChrisMendoza)

Chris Mendoza works as a Mail Services Supervisor at California State University, Chico. Around eight years ago when he started in his current position, he was asked one simple question, "How many packages did we receive this year compared to last year?". After spending too much time on that one question, Chris began learning how he could use Excel to answer that question faster. Always looking to learn and improve, Chris eventually began learning how to use DAX and Power Query within Power BI to solve many work-related projects. Chris tends to focus on process bottleneck's that prevent people from accomplishing their task accurately and quickly using any "tool" that will get the job done. 

Blog -



Sturla Svendsen (@sturlaws)
Sturla is a senior BI consultant at Atea Analytics and has worked with Power BI since the release in 2015. Enjoys problem solving and contributing in the Power BI community. Also finds that the community is a great place to learn, and to see the possibilities there now is within Power BI.




Paul’s professional expertise is primarily within the advertising world, having held managerial responsibilities in top tier media and agency organisations. Throughout his experience, one of the weakest areas of the companies he has worked for has been the management, sharing and availability of data. His strong belief that data empowers individuals and that easy access to information is essential to corporate progress led him to explore the world of Power BI.

He very much enjoys helping others solve problems while learning in the process.



Ed Hansberry (@edhans) - Twitter @ehansalytics

Ed Hansberry is a CPA and has spent most of his career in the accounting department as a Controller, Director of Finance, and a few other roles in general business management. He has been manipulating data and streamlining business processes across multiple departments and during his career using Excel, Access, VBA, and most recently Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps. He earned an MCSA in BI Reporting from Microsoft in 2018 demonstrating proficiency in data analysis, visual reporting, data modeling, and more. He has spoken at the Orange County Power BI User's Group where he is co-organizer, and at the 2019 Power Platform World Tour in Anaheim and San Diego on optimizing Power Query. He is currently the principal at eHansalytics, a consulting company specializing in Power BI and other Power Platform technologies.



Marcus Wegener (@Mwegener)

Marcus Wegener works as Business Intelligence Developer at KUMAVISION AG,

one of the world's largest implementation partners for Microsoft Dynamics.

He is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for Data Management and Analytics

and loves to inspire others with his solutions.

His #mission is clear: "Get the most out of data, with Power BI."



Andrea De Togni (@adetogni) (

Andrea grew up eating code and biscuits, working in several programming languages and database engines. Over time, he grew up and started digging into data and analytics, especially in the media and advertising industries. He realized that Business Intelligence is the most fun part of his day to day job and started building cubes and working with Power BI. He is also a Data Protection Officer, so not just data building but also security and protection.

Andrea de Togni adetogni.jpg



Greg is a Microsoft MVP, Community Super User and Vice President of the Microsoft Practice at Fusion Alliance, He is an active member in the Columbus IT community and founded the Columbus Azure ML, and the Power BI User Group (CAMLPUG). Greg has also authored two books, Learn Power BI and the upcoming DAX Recipe Cookbook, both from Packt.



Daniel Marsh-Patrick (@dm-p) (Twitter | LinkedIn)

Daniel is a BI Consultant based in NZ, and an industry partner with DiscoverEI (based in Australia).

His career has been spent helping drive enterprise-wide solutions through process and software engineering; predominantly through Business Intelligence (BI), data visualisation and software integration. He is extremely passionate about the Microsoft BI stack - specifically Power BI - and has been delivering Power BI solutions since 2014.

He regularly presents and blogs on a variety of Power BI subjects and is a contributor of custom visuals to the Power BI Marketplace (Violin Plot | Small Multiple Line Chart).

Daniel Marsh-Patrick dm-p.png


Nicky van Vroenhoven (@nickyvv)

Nicky van Vroenhoven is a BI professional focused at the Microsoft stack. He mainly works with Power BI, Biml and T-SQL. After working 9 years in BI-consultancy jobs in several industries and companies, he is currently working as a Lead BI Developer at the DWH team at Van Lanschot Kempen in The Netherlands. Nicky has spoken at several User Groups, SQL Saturday Events, and the Power BI World Tour about Power BI. In addition, he enjoys tweeting and blogging about topics like Power BI, Power Platform, DAX and SQL Server at




Gilbert is a Power BI & Data Analytics Consultant.

From small to enterprise implementations on Azure (Azure Analysis Services, Function Apps, Runbooks, Automation Accounts, SQL Serverless DB) and On-Premise Microsoft Platform (SQL Server, Integration Services, Analysis Services Multidimensional and Tabular, Reporting Services).
Recently I have focused on Power BI, with its rapidly changing features and incredible uptake it has allowed me to consult in a variety of different and challenging solutions.
I was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for Power BI since 2017.
I have spoken at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit (Seattle & Atlanta), Power BI World Tour, SQL Saturdays & other events.
I have worked within teams, managed teams as well as worked alone on various successful data analytics projects.



Ignacio Barrau (@ibarrau) (Twitter: @ignacho_07)

Ignacio is a data enthusiast that loves learning and sharing knowledge in different ways.
He likes to find hidden insights in data to help entities find value in their data. He enjoys helping people in communities, that's why he writes an Azure Data Platform blog focus on Power BI and participate on forums.
Passionate of a good data manipulation challenge. He takes Power BI to its limits with unusual solutions. Convinced that any solutions should use data modeling.
Ignacio got interested on BI with the first Power BI Designer and then with Power BI Desktop working in Pi Consulting in Argentina.
Language preference: Python and Power Query M for data manipulation. SQL and DAX for querying data.

Blog and Storytelling site:




Jarro first implemented a Power Platform solution back in 2015 when he was working in Finance for a Fortune500 company. It was there and then his love for automation and IT was re-sparked and he continued his career in IT. Currently Jarro is CTO with a Managed Service provider in the Netherlands, a company that is partner of Microsoft. He advises customers on digital transformation projects, cloud adoption and becoming more data driven. 

While professionally working with several different (Microsoft) technologies, the passion for Power BI remains and every now and then he gives training on the matter. In his free time, he likes to help people out and solve problems in this community and keep on learning about this product. 




Steve Campbell (@SteveCampbell) (Twitter: @PowerBISteve)
Steve is a Data & AI consultant focusing on the Power Platform technologies, especially Power BI. Coming from the business world, Steve holds degrees in marketing and in finance. He is a regular blogger on and speaker at conferences, with an emphasis on financial analysis, data engineering and Power Query. Originally from the UK, Steve has lived and worked in England, Australia and the USA.



Michal Dvorak (@Nolock)

Michal Dvorak is a cloud BI professional architect. He has over 7 years of experience in developing full text search and Business Intelligence projects. He was awarded Microsoft Student Partner for MS SQL Server multiple times and he is very proud to be announced Datanaut. Michal loves solving problems, e.g. on this community portal. He also writes a blog about real life BI problems on the same web site under the nickname Nolock.



Aleksei Zhukov (@az38 ) (LinkedIn:

Aleksei has 10+ years experience in work with and around data, mostly in telecom sector.

Starting from data-driven decision-making engineering roles and understanding its needs, now Aleksei specializes in delivering quality data to end-point business users.

He works with a data of different nature: networks performance, operational effectiveness, finance and sales analysis and sports stats as a hobby and life passion.

Microsoft environment certified expert Aleksei loves to share his knowledges in Power BI and other Microsoft products deeply inside and widely outside his multinational employer.




Jayendran is working as a Data Engineer at EY (Ernst and Young) and lives in Chennai (India) 

I started my carrier as a Developer at 2016. Then got attracted towards Microsoft Azure which makes me to achieve MSCE: Cloud Architect , Azure AI and DevOps Engineer.

For the past 1 year I've been helping lots of our clients worldwide to explore Power BI in an enterprise scale. I always keen to learn new things and share it with the community. During my initial stages of Power BI learning "Power BI Community" helps me a lot. 😊

So, I want to give all my knowledge back to the Power BI community later again.

I always love to help people and make them to smile with the technology.

See my featured Interview in TechCommunity below

Connect with me : Twitter / LinkedIn




Changjun Zhao (@AiolosZhao

Changjun Zhao is working as a Senior Business Analyst at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
He has more than seven years of experience in Business Intelligence. Moreover, he is good at many BI tools and techniques.
He loves data mining, data visualization, and report design. He thinks not only the data model and chart accurately is essential, but also the pretty and UX is also very important for a report. So, every detail in a report is important, even an alignment, a font, or a color selection.
He also loves to help people in the community, and helping also makes him stronger.



Luca (@lc_finance)

My name is Luca; I am an Italian living in Paris and I currently work at a FMCG company.

I started my career in corporate finance in the US and have always found linking systems and building reports to be the most rewarding part of my job. The best part is being able to understand a problem, build a report to identify insights, and then share it with everybody.

I have worked on Power BI for multiple years, and my expertise areas are DAX, Power Query, and custom connectors. I share ideas for Power BI reports on my blog

In 2020, I am focusing on improving my knowledge of Machine Learning with Python, and on discovering Power BI sister apps (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents).

If you want to get in touch, send me an email to




Amit has vast experience in Business Intelligence, Analytics, ML and Data Science. He has built multiple BI products and solutions over the years and now predominantly works with MSBI Stack, Azure and Power BI, Python, R, SQL Server, Oracle, Citus DB, Spark, and Elastic Search, etc. and has worked on developing BI Solutions for different verticals in the past. These include Healthcare, Logistics, Hospitality, Travel,
FMCG, Consumer Durable, FinTech, Media, Automotive, Spend Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Order Management.

Amit currently heads the Analytics Division at Kanerika Software as Chief Analytics Officer. He is also a mentor for B-school and loves Blogging on BI.

He is thrilled to be part of the Power BI super user community as he would love to take this opportunity to use his experience and skills to solve complex business problems and also motivates other team members to learn about real-world data issues.

LinkedIn profile:




Nathaniel was a very early user of Excel as well as VP Planner, VisiCalc, and Lotus 123. He taught Microsoft Office and Intro to Programming (C++) at the University of Alaska.

Nathaniel has experience in web design and was a Senior Product Engineer and SME at Advisys developing financial planning software, including a Social Security calculator which matched the US government’s projections to the penny. One of his favorite projects was building a utility that converted Excel into VBA code.

Nathaniel is certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist Master. He discovered the Power BI community last year in August 2019 and has enjoyed helping people around the globe find Power BI solutions for their data. He really appreciates the help given by other Community members including JDBuchanan71, ImkeF, KenPuls, MattAllington, marcorusso, and v-frfei-msft.

To relax, Nathaniel enjoys leading hikes, and volunteering with the local ski patrol.




Anthony Tilley is a business analyst with over 10 years of experience in a wide range of industries including private medical, manufacturing, consumer finance and marketing and is currently working as the business data analyst for Ebac ltd. He enjoys puzzles and finding solutions to problems when everyone says it is impossible. He started using Power BI back in 2015 and has helped several Business implement Power BI. He believes that data is now the most valuable and underutilised asset many businesses have and that Power BI is now helping business to maximise the potential of their data.




Martyn has a goal: to help people and businesses make better decisions with data and, in particular, Power BI.
He currently works as a Systems Analyst for Kingstown Works Ltd and has held previous roles in IT Management and Finance.
He's always had an interest in data but since being introduced to Power BI two years ago, Martyn has discovered a real passion for all things BI, especially data modelling and presentation. His partner would tell you that it has become a mild obsession!
He wants to share his knowledge and enjoys helping others with their data dilemmas and, more often than not, he learns something in the process.



Vasanthavijayan Thangarajan (@VasTg)

Vasanthavijayan Thangarajan is a BI Consultant and an active member of Orange County Power BI User Group. He is helping financial clients implementing scalable enterprise solutions and analytics through Business Intelligence. He used various BI tools before exploring Power BI in 2017. Impressed with the community, ease of use and cost, Vasanth concentrates mostly on Power Platform implementation.

Learning by helping others.



Dane Christian Belarmino (@danextian )

Dane Christian Belarmino is a CPA and a Six Sigma Green Belt certified based in the Philippines. He has spent his early career as a customer service representative and then an auditor and an accountant after passing the CPA board exam. He later on moved to data analytics and reporting using Excel and VBA and using Power BI in 2016. Over the years, he has handled various junior and senior positions in areas such as marketing, supply chain, finance and accounting, cash forecasting and performance management for manufacturing and self-publishing companies.

He is currently working as a Power BI Developer in Cebu, Philippines for a multinational company.



Miguel Félix (@MFelix)

Miguel Félix is a business analyst in an industrial company, with a 20-year experience from areas so diverse as banking to an event and communication group. Since university always made his own tools in Excel and VBA to improve the analysis and ways to show data that allowed users to have quick insights.

With Power Query and Power BI the insights are easier and faster and take BI to a different level since removes the dependency on specialized professional to have data as we need and when we need it.



Johannes Johansson (@tex628)
Johannes is working as a BI consultant at Navet AB in Helsingborg, Sweden. He took the step into BI from master data maintenance and has now been developing applications in Power BI since early 2017.

Johannes Johansson tex628.jpg


John (@jborro)

John is a Finance manager passionate about data. Having a broad experience with a variety of programming languages and data manipulation and presentation, he enjoys delivering Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI solution since 2016, being an ambassador for Power Stack and sharing his knowledge with his team and a broader community.




Marcin (@Stachu)

Marcin (a.k.a. Stachu) is a BI professional driven by curiosity . Marcin is a strong team player, fan of solving challenging riddles (some may call them problems), who is always eager to learn something interesting. 
He has been working for one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world, creating self-service reporting solutions for local, regional and global audience. Over the time he became very proficient in using MS Excel, MS Access and VBA, later moving more to Power Query (M), Power Pivot (DAX) and eventually Power BI.



Mariusz Repczynski (@Mariusz)

Mariusz is a Power BI enthusiast, who loves to learn and discover everything about it and share his experience with others. Mariusz is predominately a self-taught individual with years of experience working with Microsoft BI Stack, Microsoft Excel and Access, before focusing his career on Power BI.



Vanessa van Gelder (@vanessafvg)
Vanessa is a Data and Analytics consultant in the UK. For 25+ years she has worked in a spectrum of roles across various industries in the data and analytics arena. Since the excel days of 'Power BI' she has been an evangelist of the product and the value of data visualisation. She has been involved in the roll out of Power BI in various organisations and enjoys helping people learn to use Power BI, and of course loves to build an insightful dashboard. Currently studying data science and working as a data visualiastion scientist she loves being part a super user in the Power BI community, and loves the challenge of helping people solve their Power BI challenges.




Super User I
Super User I

Thanks @JCM_iTalent for sharing this.


A Huge Congrats for all Super-Users !! 💐

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Proud to be a Super User!

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Thank you all for helping us, I really appreciate your knowledge sharing.


Take care.

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