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Sharing and Un-Sharing Reports in Navigation Preview

I am previewing the new Navigation layout, and I have a question about the best way to share reports and underlying datasets with other members on my team. We are still in the process of sensitizing the rest of our organization to the PowerBI platform, but in the meantime, I am uncertain who has access to the Reports and Datasets that I have built.

In the new Navigation layout, I am able to find who has access to my Dashboards, but I cannot tell for certain whether other users have been granted access to the Reports and Datasets. Can you please inform me about the options for sharing and un-sharing these items using the free license of Power BI? We intend to upgrade some of our users to the Pro version, but not until we are certain that the functionality will work for us.

Thank you!
Mike Johnson

Partners In Health, Boston

Mike Johnson
Partners In Health