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spiderrob Member

iOS Update - Ipad problem moving tiles

The latest update introduces a new issue when browsing dashboards on an iPad.


Any dash that includes one of the new widgets or an image pinned from the new Excel publisher allows the viewer to re-arrange all the tiles. You cannot swipe to navigate the dashboard - swiping moves the actual tile location on the dashboard!


Aside, loving the new functionality and image widgets now look great on iOS on iPhone!

Moderator RomiK

Re: iOS Update - Ipad problem moving tiles

Hi @spiderrob

Thank you for reporting this issue,
We are aware of this and already prepared a fix that should hit the store very soon.

We apologize for the temporary Inconvenience


The Power BI Mobile team.


karokos Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: iOS Update - Ipad problem moving tiles