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robbie337 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

I've experienced the same issues that other users have flagged above (intermittent refreshing, then no refreshing at all since the 17th until the latest fix.


Now, since the fixes, refreshes are once again intermittent (both on iOS and in PowerBI), but now when i do manually refresh in Power BI, it'll refresh data every minute or so for about 5 minutes, then revert back to intermittent.


Anybody else experiencing this?



team_steve Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

I've just installed the update to the Gateway and things seem to be running a lot better from the iPhone.

Dashboards are updating on demand (well, no more than a couple of minutes delay)

Reports are updating fine

The data between the dashboard and the first page of a report are in sync.


However, I have a report with 2 pages and one of the dashboard tiles is pinned from a visualisation on the 2nd page. The 2nd page of the report is up to date but the dashboard tile isn't updating.


Does anyone else see this? I would be good to know if this is a bug, or something odd with my setup.

I guess I can write reports containing only one page to try and workaround.


In summary, a massive step forward and small step back!

AndyC Member

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

I thought I'd jump into this thread with a description of what we're seeing when attempting to refresh dashboards on mobile. I've got 2 datasets using DirectQuery, one connects to an on premise SSAS Tabular 2014 Enterprise model and the second connects to a view on an on premise SQL Server 2014 Enterprise database.


The mobile app rarely shows updated data, the tabular model holds data at the date/day level and when syncing won't show the previous day's data. I need to logon to the web service and do a manual refresh, even the web service dashboards are not up to date. However the underlying reports are up to date. I've tried the new On Premise Data Gateway but it's the same issue.  The last refresh stamp on the tiles is also out of date.


I've been in contact with MS support on this and was told that mobile dashboards are not updated automatically by design, but I can't believe that's the case at it currently makes the mobile app pointless.

Moderator RomiK

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

Hi All,

Following your feedback on the Power BI community, we have improved the dashboard refresh functionality. You can now manually initiate a refresh to your tiles by opening the dashboard in the Power BI Mobile app for iOS and pulling down the top of the screen (see the animated image below).
When performing a manual refresh, we also trigger a tile refresh. Tile refreshes update the dashboard view, and retrieve the latest data in the underlying model. This means that you can be sure that your device’s screen is displaying the most recent tile data.
Please note that dashboards are updated automatically per dashboard owner configuration. Dashboards that are based on Direct Query connections have an automatic update about every fifteen minutes, so triggering a manual refresh will result in getting the latest data from the connected model.


see Video in the release blog:

team_steve Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

Hello again,

As the person who originally raised this discussion I thought I should return and report my findings.
From my testing I confirm that dashboards and reports collecting data via direct query are working great. The dashboards are syncing to the live, on premise data, when you 'pull down' the screen on the iPhone.

Thanks to all who commented to confirm I wasn't going crazy and those who fixed/improved the Power BI product.

coenfiona Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: I have the same issue


My customers are having the same issue - they have to log out to refresh. Did you ever find a solution?

Kind Regards,
DLH Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: I have the same issue

I am experiencing the same issue - our mobile reporting dashboard data is not refreshing on our iphones.

However, if I use the same URL to connect to the dashboards, then the data is refreshed-


Not sure if this is the correct forum since we are using the "SQL Server Reporting Services" section of the Power BI Mobile application?


Samaneh78 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?



I would appreciate your feedback on the following issue.


I've created a dashboard on Power BI desktop that has been uploaded to my Power BI Cloud(I have the Pro account).


I've used direct query when importing tables from an local SQL-server and would like to display the dashboard on a monitor.

But I'm facing some issues with the dashboard refresh, updates in the databases are not being shown in the dashboards.


Even though were using Direct Qurey mode and an On Premises Gateway, the dashboard content are not being updated.

Would like a solution with automated refresh (without manual intervention).


Any suggestions?


Moderator yaronc

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

Hi @Samaneh78,


Can you please tell what device you are using? 

Just to make sure, you are using dashboards and not reports, is that correct?


please check the refresh frequency in the data-set settings as shown here -



If it doesn't refresh on time as expected please tell if it happens on certain devices or on all devices and apps and if it takes more time than the expected or just never refreshes automatically.




BiMK Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: When does a dashboard refresh?

Hello @yaronc , you wrote that "On the web, user can click on the elipsis and then manually refresh the tiles to save the 15 minutes waiting." I can not find any elipsis or something where i can manually refresh the tiles..also are you talking about a dashboard or a report? Can you please help me? Smiley Happy