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Using Power BI with Segoe UI fonts on iPads and iPhones

The Power BI app does not render reports correctly on iPads and iPhones when reports are built using Microsoft proprietory fonts particularly Segoe UI.

The app should render the fonts available in Desktop.

How can this be resolved?

Alternatively what development effort is being undertaken to address this serious visual error? 

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hi @Gumtree,



In general, the font you are using when creating a report should be installed on your device in order to view them, otherwise the report will render with the default OS font (in iOS it will be Times New Roman).

But, Segoe is supported no matter if you device include the font or not, so you supposed to view it on the iOS devices.

Can you please share some screenshot that indicate the issue as I was not able to reproduce it.




Hi Michal

I'm not sure why you say that Microsoft fonts are installed on Apple devices. The issue seems to be that Microsoft fonts are proprietory to Microsoft so WILL NOT be available on Apple devices... by definition.

Is that incorrect?

The issue is that I want the report to render with Segoe on Apple devices, NOT Time New Roman (which is what it does currently)


Hi @Gumtree ,


Sorry if my answer was misunderstood

I didn’t say that Microsoft fonts install on Apple device but, Segoe font is being sent with the report therefore it will be available when you view the report on the iOS device.

Here is an example from my iOS device:

Left card: default visual fonts

Middle card: Segoe font

Right card: unsupported font (taking the device default)








Hi Michal

If I understand you correctly, you're saying that Segoe fonts are recognised on Apple devices.

It looks like you've used Segoe UI Bold. Have you tried all four Segoe UI font options?

When I use Segoe UI Bold, that font will render correctly on iOS. However, Segoe UI (no bold) renders as Times New Roman.

If you are using Segoe UI, why would you get a different rendering than me? Other users at my organisation report the same result as me.




Frequent Visitor

Hi, Andrew!

I have the same issue. 😞 My co-worker who uses Mac sees Segoe UI as Times New Roman. Were you able to find a workaround? I was supposed to use this as replacement for a custom font. The font needs to be rendered correctly both in web and exported PDF versions. 


Hi @cmd15 ,


We do support Segoe UI in the mobile apps.

Can you please elaborate what is the visual you are using that are not getting the Segoe font?

It will be great if you can share a screenshot




On textboxes and button titles. Sample screenshot below uses Segoe UI for the chart title (placed thru a button). Colleague using Mac sees it in Times New Roman. Other fonts in Segoe UI Semibold seems to render just fine.




Thanks @cmd15 


While most of the formatting font setting use Segoe UI in the default theme the title default is DIN.

Please make sure the font setting of your titles is using Segoe UI.





Hi @michalfoster .

I have set both in the theme and the respective font properties in the different visuals to be Segoe UI (Segoe UI/ Segoe UI Semibold). Still on Mac, they see textboxes and buttons titles in Times New Roman.

Hi @cmd15 ,

If you are using Theme by editing the JSON file please try to change the font family properties according tothe follwing:

"fontFamily": "'Segoe UI Semibold', wf_segoe-ui_semibold"

"fontFamily": "'Segoe UI', wf_segoe-ui_normal"

"fontFamily": "'Segoe UI Light', wf_segoe-ui_light"

"fontFamily": "'Segoe UI Bold', wf_segoe-ui_bold"




Regular Visitor


Unfortunately I still have the same problem and it is unresolved. I have no work around.

Where it was left with Microsoft is that they need a sample report to 'prove' it. All our reports are via Analysis Services tabular models and don't allow external parties to access them so I haven't been able to comply with Microsoft's request.

If you have a report that illustrates the issue that we can supply to Microsoft, that would advance the cause greatly!




Hi @Gumtree ,

As mentioned, we do support Segou UI also in your image you can see that the text visual and the table titles displayed with the Segou UI font.

What is the visual type of the table you used in the screenshot? Is it Power bi table, or you are using custom visual?





Hi Andrew,


I used Segoe UI, and we support all Segoe font that available in the Desktop as you can see in the following screenshot from my iOS device:




I am not sure why you are not getting this font on your device

Can you please share screenshots and PBIX?




Hi Michal

Here is a screen shot of one page of the report. It's all text, but some of it is in a Table. Numbers/values behave the same. Did you try visuals other than text boxes? 


How do you suggest I provide the pbix? 




Hi Andrew,


I did use other visuals like card and table as you can see in this screenshot:

michalfoster_0-1633010865774.pngWhat is the visual type you are using for this table?

you can send the PBIX to the following email address:



Thanks Michal. I have emailed the pbix file to you demonstrating the issue on a Table but it occurs on every visual type.



Regular Visitor

The last link you provide succintly states "you can safely use 4 completely outdated fonts: Arial, Courier New, Tahoma and Verdana.  That's it.  Everything else might get turned to times new roman"

The problem is that Apple devices do NOT recognise Segoe UI because it's a Microsoft font. Microsoft need to provide all fonts with it's apps and not leave it to users to download the font (which is a ridiculous proposition).

Please escalate

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Gumtree 


You could first check if your iPhone and iPad devices support Segoe UI font. I don't have iPhone or iPad devices at my hand so I cannot check whether this font is installed in the devices by default. If not installed, it could be a reason. Then try installing it to view the report. 

Segoe UI Font - Microsoft Community

Install and manage fonts on iPhone - Apple Support


You could also refer to this thread: Font not rendering correctly


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Jing
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