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Time Aggregation in Mobile Reports

Hi Everybody,


I have created some mobile reports which I would like to view via both web browsers and the Power BI Mobile App. The reports contain a time navigator which shows the data correctly in the web browser and on an iPad, but viewed on a mobile phone (Android) the time navigator spreads each integer value over seven days with each day having one seventh of the actually value. For example, on Jan 15, an item was sold for $100, but the time navigator would show $14.29 from Jan 15 through Jan 21.

In Data tab within the Mobile Report Publisher I have changed the Aggregation property for this dataset from 'Automatic' to 'Days' which has worked for the same problem before, but it doesn't on my mobile phone this time (it works for web browsers and the iPad App though).


Any suggestions why that might be?


Thanks in advance.

mshenhav Established Member
Established Member

Re: Time Aggregation in Mobile Reports



Could you please send us screenshots of the issue you are experiencing to our Power BI Mobile Support <>?

Please include screenshots from Web, IPad and Android. This will allow us to investigate the issue.


Thanks, Maya

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Re: Time Aggregation in Mobile Reports

Hey mshenhav,


thanks for replying.


This is a screenshot of the time navigator in my browser:


As you can see, there is data for Jan 30, Jan 31 and Feb 15. But not for the other days.

On my phone, it is always shown like this:


As you can see, the time navigator (and thus elements like the total value) aggregate by weeks although I have changed this setting for the used dataset in the data-tab within Mobile Report Publisher.


I have no idea, why only the mobile app on my phone gets this wrong, other than the app for Android or for mobile phones has a flaw.


Thanks for your help.