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Select multiple slicer options

I am having an issue with the slicer visual. Since the October update the default for slicers has changed to single selection only. You can change this in the web app / edit report / format pane / selection criteria. However this change will only remain as long as the data is not refreshed.


My team needs to be able to select multiple options in the slicer while with customers. Why has this change occurred and why can't it be reverted permanetly in the edit field? I really hope someone can answer this.

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Re: Select multiple slicer options

Agreed; it would be great to get an ack on this issue and to know it will be addressed.


It is not possible to multi-select.  There is also no "Select All" option, so I can't select all items in a long list, then de-select 1 or 2 items.


My data refreshes daily, plus I shouldn't have to go in an edit my report on the web site anyway after uploading from PBI Desktop.  Plus, it is inconsistent - the "Select All" appears in PBI Desktop slicers, but disappears in the iOS app and web site.  Maybe the slicer UI in PBI Desktop will be updated in the next version to provide the required select options, then the iOS app and web site will support multi-select and "Select All".

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Re: Select multiple slicer options



I am not an IOS user but for Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service the slicer now supports Select All, Single Select and Multi select.