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Report Title Different between PowerBI Service and PowerBI Mobile (iOS iPad)

Hi guys,

I am running into an issue which I don't think has been posted about previously. I've published a few reports in an app on PowerBI service, but when endusers are accessing these reports on the mobile/tablet devices the name of some reports seem to be different than the name shown on the app in PowerBI Service. 


PowerBI ServicePowerBI Service            iOSiOS



As you can see above the PowerBI service names the top report as "Matter Credit Snapshot" while the iOS/mobile version is displayed as "Partner Snapshot Dataset". The names displayed in iOS seem to be the PowerBI Desktop file name that I've published rather than the name assigned in the app. 


Is there a way to show the same name across both the service and the mobiles versions?



Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @akman25 ,


It seems like an issue in the mobile application. Thank you for reporting it. We will fix this issue in one the coming releases.

For now, as a workaround, if you will update your report name in the workspace, and then publish the app, it should respect the new name. Can you please test if this workaround can work for you?


Regards, Maya

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