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BarneyR Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Refreshing Data on iOS app



I am looking to start utilising Power BI within our organisation and have create a small report which connects to our SQL server.


I have then published the report to the Power BI service so I can view the report on a browser or on an iPad. The problem I am having is that I cannot refresh the data in the mobile app. There is a refresh icon at the top right of the iPad when I am viewing the report, I can tap it and the app says "Refreshing data" at the top, followed by "Refresh Complete". 


Unfortunately the data doesn't appear to change on the the iPad. I can do the same thing in the browser but the data doesn't update.


If I refresh the data within the Power BI program within windows then publish the report then the updated data is visible on the browser and iPad.


If I find the dataset in the browser then I can update the data which then shows on the browser and the iPad, but I would like to be able to refresh the data directly from the iPad.


I have also set up and configured the data gateway which appears to be working without any issues.


Is this possible in Power BI? 

mshenhav Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Refreshing Data on iOS app

Hey @BarneyR,


Refresh data action in the mobile app, only goes to the service and fetches the report data that exists there.

it is not starting to refresh the dataset from its data source. This can be done from the service by users who have permissions only.

You can read more on data refresh here:





BarneyR Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Refreshing Data on iOS app

Thank you for the response.


So my understanding now is that the dataset needs to be refreshed by someone who has permission, and clicking the refresh button within the report fetches the latest dataset that was refreshed by someone.


I understand you can schedule a dataset to refresh every half an hour. Is there a way to increase to refresh more frequently?


The report I am looking at is a stock report so ideally figures need to be as up to date as possible. Perhaps there is another solution available to achieve this so if you know of what that might be any help would greatly appreciated.


Thank you