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Advocate II
Advocate II

Refresh dataflow / dataset



Does anyone know if it's possible to refresh a dataflow and dataset from mobile app?

Not talking about refreshing visuals (scrolling down the page with a wheel).



Advocate II
Advocate II

Thanks for the reply and the whole information.

I was just wonder if tomorrow the PBI mobile app will allow user to refresh their Dataflow/Dataset direct from the app. This could be convenient!



New Member

Power BI dataflows enable you to connect to, transform, combine, and distribute data for downstream analytics. A key element in dataflows is the refresh process, which applies the transformation steps you authored in the dataflows and updates the data in the items themselves.

To understand run times, performance, and whether you're getting the most out of your dataflow, you can download the refresh history after a dataflow has been refreshed.

Understanding refreshes
There are two types of refreshes applicable to dataflows:

Full, which performs a complete flush and reload of your data.

Incremental (Premium only), which processes a subset of your data based on time-based rules, expressed as a filter, that you configure. The filter on the date column is used to dynamically partition the data into ranges in the Power BI service. After incremental refresh is configured, the dataflow automatically alters your query to include filtering by date. You can edit the automatically generated query by using the Advanced Editor in Power Query to fine-tune or customize your refresh. If you bring your own Azure Data Lake Storage, you can see time slices of your data based on the refresh policy you've set.


You can read more about incremental refresh and how it works.

Incremental refresh enables large dataflows in Power BI with the following benefits:

Refreshes are faster after the first refresh, due to the following facts:

Power BI will refresh the last N partitions specified by the user (where partition is day/week/month, and so on), or:
Power BI will refresh only data that needs to be refreshed. For example, refreshing only the last five days of a 10-year dataset.
Power BI will only refresh only data that has changed, as long as you have specified the column to be checked for the change.
Refreshes are more reliable - it's no longer necessary to maintain long-running connections to volatile source systems.

Resource consumption is reduced - less data to refresh reduces overall consumption of memory and other resources.

Wherever possible, Power BI employs parallel processing on partitions, which can lead to faster refreshes too.

In any of these refresh scenarios, if a refresh fails the data is not updated, which means that your data might be stale until the latest refresh completes, or you refresh it manually and it completes without error. Refresh occurs at a partition or entity, so if an incremental refresh fails, or an entity has an error, then the entire refresh transaction will not occur. Said another way, if a partition (incremental refresh policy) or entity fails for a particular dataflow, the entire refresh operation is set to fail, and no data gets updated.



Rachel Gomez

Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @Ferrus ,


This does not exist in the app today. You can offer that as feature request in Power BI Ideas: Ideas (


Thanks Maya

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