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Problem with "Select all" option in Slicer in Mobile app

Hi All,

I have published a dashboard to power bi service and it works perfectly fine on desktop and my browsers. However me and other users of the report are having troubles with slicers in Mobile Version. In slicer settings "Select all" option is turned on. 
But when we want to "uncheck" all in  drop down menu, it won't allow us to do so. Any idea waht could be the problem and how to fixed that? 


Hey @JuliaPylak ,


We found the issue and working on a fix. 


Thanks for reporting it!


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Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hey @JuliaPylak,


We could not reproduce the issue you are describing. 

Can you please add more information that will help us investigate the issue:

1) What device are you using? 

2) What app version is running?

3) Does the issue happen with Power BI standard slicer visual or a custom visual?

4) Can you please share a sample PBIX file that we can reproduce the issue? you can send it to: Power BI Mobile Support <>


Thanks, Maya

Thanks, Maya

Hey @JuliaPylak ,


We found the issue and working on a fix. 


Thanks for reporting it!


Any update on this? As we are also experiencing this issue.

Hey @mpieri04 ,


We are activly working on a fix for the issue. Once the will be verified we will release it. This is a service side fix, so no need to update the app in order to get it (but it is always recommended to have the latest app version to enjoy the latest features).


I will post an update to this thread once the fix will be out.


thanks, Maya 

Hello @mshenhav 


Any update on this issue? I have this issue now and it is blocking a release of dashboard to management.



Hey @Okopolitan ,


The fix is planned to be deployed to all regions by mid January.

Since this is a service side fix, there is no need to update the app itself.


Hope it helps,


Fantastic, thanks @mshenhav !


A small bonus question - I recall that - value of Slicer was connected between Desktop and Mobile version i.e.: I will choose a prodcut category on Slicer on Mobile view. After flipping phone horiontally to the Desktop version, slicer should inherit values from Mobile version, shouldn't it? Currently it does not. It feels like it's connected to bug above - something being broken in general with fucntioanlity of Slicers via PBI service.



Hi @Okopolitan 


For the select all slicers the fix will solve this issue as well.

But it also might be that your report has been set to not allow end users to save filters () if this setting is enabled the slicers selection is not being saved.

If you disable this setting,  the slicer selection should save when flipping the phone.







I had a same problem with JuliaPylak

This came from when I select one item in this slicer before, and then save it

Then this work normally in web version, but in Mobile App, can't select all when drop down

And if in this slicer I don't select any item before saving, then it works well in mobile app, can select all as usual.

Hope that PBI team can fix this quickly

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