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Dhruvin Member

PowerBI reports loading issue in Safari browser on Mac and iOS devices.

We have embedded PowerBI report (Published on web) and showing in iframe (in content editor webpart) on SharePoint online classic page. We have other webparts developed with javascript and rest api on that home page.


Now, everything is working properly in windows and chrome browser but, powerbi reports not properly displaying in Safari browser on Mac and iOS devices.


We have also verified in cosnsole of chrome and safari browser and we noticed that chrome browser don't have any error but, safari browser displaying lots of errors in browser console.


Please refer below image of console log from safari browser.



Because of these errors page not loading properly and other webparts also not displaying.


Please let me know if i am missing anything or need more information.


It will help me if we can resolve this issue or try any other solution. 


Thanks a lot!